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Protect Your Voiceover Business From Failure - Tips To Help You Be Successful

Apr 20, 2020

Here are 5 tips to ensure your voiceover business becomes productive & continues to GROW!

So, you’ve been thinking about your own business for some time now and you’ve finally decided to take the ‘bull by the horns’ throw caution to the wind and start up your own service-based business…

“ Hey guess what everyone? I’ve decided I’m becoming a voiceover talent!”

(Cue raucous applause and cheers from the whole family)

After all, Aunty Gladys has always loved your voice and says you’ll be fabulous! So, how hard can it be, right..?

…Just hold it there Ace!

Voiceover can be lots of fun, after some dedicated practice, coaching and learning to use your audio equipment, it can be a great way to make money and of course, there’s nothing nicer than being able to help others build their own businesses by using your great vocal talents to produce training videos, narrations, phone messages and the like…...

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Voices.com vs Voice123 - The Ultimate Guide

Feb 17, 2020

 As voice actors, we are continually asking questions like: "Which voice over website should I join" and "What is another website besides Voices.com?" or "... Voice123?". 

* Quick Note: In the last week, Voice123 was acquired by Backstage. This is big news and we will be adding more to this article once information is available. 

I have wrestled with these questions as many vo artists have myself. So much so, that I couldn't choose without causing myself a considerable headache.  

On top of that, I felt I needed to learn more about these companies before I continued to recommend them from personal experience, because, as it stands in 2020, these two websites are considered the largest P2P sites in the world for VO and the cost to join is pretty high up there.

What's is all about anyway?

This article is a guide and comparison of the two platforms side by side from a voice talent perspective, in hopes of helping voice talent get high quality paying jobs....

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The Price For Success In Voice Over - Not An Easy Path

Jan 09, 2020

I'll never forget the first year of my business. It was downright painful. 

I don't mean listening to my work was painful, although it might have been, physically, it was painful. 

Every single day, I would get up at 6 am, go to work, come home around 6 pm, pick up the kids, get dinner ready, spend time with them, put them to bed, spend a few moments with my wife, and put her to bed around 10 pm.

After she got in bed, I would go outside and get my super-sized army-style duffle bag and drag it into the house, being as quiet as possible, so I didn't wake the kids.

Once I got to the office space, which happened to be on the other side of my little dwelling, out would come the PVC pipes and packing blankets. 

I constructed my PVC pipe Hobo Fort, as I called it, based on a number code marked on each tube so I would remember where it all went. After it was up, I had to move the desk and computer so it would fit together and finally attach the...

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Good Scripts to Practice Voice Acting - Practice Is Everything

Nov 01, 2019

Finding good scripts is hard, especially ones that give us the “real-life” practice we need to grow as voice actors.

However, do not lose hope, I have put together three tips and tricks you can use to get good scripts to practice voice acting like a rock star (If rock stars practiced voice acting, that is).

A quick note: Whenever you practice, make the most of it and spend a little extra time creating a process that you will follow from beginning to end.

Think of a golfer. Every time they step up to the ball, they have their ritual to bring them to that perfect moment of relaxation, remembrance, and creation. The same goes for us. Start to create a process where you get a script (copy), and you read, research, find your voice, deliver, analyze, modify, edit, master, format, and send off.

This is my method, but you can create your own. Practicing voice acting this way is called "targeted practice."

** Three tips and tricks for finding and creating good practice scripts.

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How To Set Up A Phone Patch On $0 Budget 5 Free Methods - You Don't Need Much

Oct 30, 2019

Setting up a phone patch for direction in your vocal booth for voice-over is easier than ever. There are five different ways I recommend setting this up without spending any money.

    • What is phone-patch - A phone-patch allows two-way communication with the client.
    • Paid method - An electric box that allows you to connect your mixer or digital audio interface to standard phone lines. 

** The critical thing to remember is that you do not have to pay for this. 

Free Method #1: Use your phone

  • A phone is a very viable way, and if you put your phone on speaker or have Bluetooth earbuds, it works great.
  • Upside: Everyone has a phone, and it is easy to call a number.
  • Downside: The long-distance might cost money.

Free Method #2: Zoom

  • Zoom is an online platform and app that lets you connect with anyone on the internet for free. Zoom has lots of other features that come with the paid versions, but it is open and usable for phone-patches.
  • Upside - free.
  • Downside - Only get 40...
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People Are Sleeping In Voice Over How About You - Go After It Now

May 18, 2019

I am excited to talk to you about the people sleeping in voice over right now. And you might be like, Anthony, what the heck are you talking about ... everyone sleeps?

I'm talking about all the people who are not working hard enough to get what they want. There are people making excuses. There are people failing to simply start. 


"Courage is crossing the starting line" Amby Burfoot


All of those people choosing to "not start", choosing to not take chances, choosing to sleep when there is plenty of time to do more, are going to lose. 

And that is a huge opportunity for you and me. 

You see, when I started out in voice over years ago, I didn't have the fancy equipment I have right now. I didn't have a studio or Whisper Room or super expensive mics. All I had was a crazy desire to work and prove myself. 

There is not a day that goes by I don't thank my lucky stars that I worked so hard in the beginning. 

I remember people asking me about...

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How To Get Work As A Voice Over Artist Just Starting Out - All You Need Know

Jan 29, 2019

There are many different ways to get started in the voice over business these days. And getting work as a beginner is not easy, but it doesn't have to be hard. 

In this article, I will go over different ways on how you can get work as a voice over artist just starting out with no knowledge of the industry. 

- But before we go on ... I must impress upon you that your education in the field of voiceover is just starting, and won't end here. So be patient, soak up as much information as possible, and whatever you do, don't give up. 

But for the sake of brevity, I will share with you 4 different ways to get started in voice over today. 

We will cover these 4 voice over artist topics:

  1. Freelance voice-over
  2. Direct Marketing
  3. Voice over agent
  4. Pay-to-play voice-over websites

* I am specifically leaving out the Union (SAG-AFTRA). Not because I don't think it is a valid approach, but because most of the voiceover work these days is coming from non-union jobs. 


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