Getting Started In Voice Over

About 2 years ago, I remember sitting in my hobo fort (my fancy name for packing blankets and pvc pipe) and wondering where I could go to find more information from people like me. You see, I was just starting out in voice over, and everyone I listened to or saw online, were seasoned professionals in VO. 

So I realized there wasn't anyone talking about their "Journey". 

That's when I got the idea to launch a podcast that chronicled my journey and information that I had learned up to that point, for real working voice talent like me, with very few clients and little experience. 

This is how A VO's Journey podcast was born. Simply to help people like me sidestep the crazy things I seemed to step on because no one else was talking about the everyday things new voice actors were going through. 

When you come into this business, it is so overwhelming. It's like you enter a battle between the "old" and the "new" and depending on where you launch from, you are almost immediately forced to take sides. And the question always seems to revolve around one thing... 

Do you agree with Fiverr or don't you?

This is challenging because most new talent might not even know what Fiverr is and why it is so polarizing. But regardless of where you stand, this podcast is hopefully a reminder to everyone that there are many ways to get to your goal and...

Anything is possible!

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