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Knowing SEO Is Your Key To Voiceover Success - Are You Putting In The Effort

Jul 06, 2020

New to SEO? 

Wanting to know why it has any bearing on your Voiceover business?

Given SEO is a huge subject, I won’t pretend to know it all or give you all the ‘super tips’ in this one article, but what I will attempt, is to try to ‘lift the veil’ on the mysteries of SEO for voiceover and why it’s an ever-growing important consideration for yours, and any service-related business.

Let’s start at the very beginning with the most obvious question of all:

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which any digital content you’ve created can be ‘optimized’ or made more visible for particular and specific searches on the web… 

Simply, to make you and your business easier to find and more exposed to website algorithms or formulas, try to place the most popular searches first and directly in the hands of anyone searching for them!  

Here’s a simple but human example of how SEO works…

Remember when you were little and you’d beg your Mom or Dad to take you to the playground and you’d run to the swings?

Remember how try as you might, you’d swing your little legs back and forward in your best efforts to get the swing to go high as it could?

Then along comes Mom or Dad and with a single push of the swing, your momentum or reach is trebled and in no time you feel like you and your swing might fly out of the park and your feet might touch the moon? 

Well, SEO in some ways is a bit like that… 

Utilized well, It can give you and your voiceover business ‘the push it needs’ to expose your business and your journey, to a much greater audience by picking up on your content and keywords and displaying your content to the audience that follows content that has those particular keywords as a trigger for their interests. These are known as SERPs or search engine results pages.

Why is it important? 

With SEO, It’s all about visibility of your content on the web whether it be your website (on-page SEO) or content and links to your off-page approaches to marketing such as link building and organic results to your social media marketing…

Building a strong architecture on your website will help search engines index and refer traffic to your site quickly and conveniently. With researched figures around the 64% mark for all organic searches compared to 2% from social searches and also 6% of results from a paid search, Organic traffic is a clear winner!

When should you use it?

If you are seeking to build traffic and a greater level of exposure for your business, SEO should always be on your mind and utilized in any of your marketing approaches for your business on a daily basis.

Where do you use it?

SEO should be used anywhere in your marketing content by adding ‘keywords’ to your content and hashtags and backlinks which will be indexed by search engines to provide a greater ranking to your content (SERPs) which in turn, will give you greater exposure in any content you place on-site or off-site, on site-meaning your website, or off-site meaning social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat  

How do you use it?

All the below points will assist you in building a voiceover business that’s resilient and has a worthy organic ranking on the web. Initiate your SEO as soon as you can by implementing the below: 

- Keywords

- Hashtags

- Quality Content that is written for your Customers

If you are using Keywords, Hashtags, and Quality Content frequently and consistently in your marketing efforts, you’ll be a long way along the path to building greater marketing exposure with your own SEO plan.

** But I would be remiss if I did not mention that to become an expert at all aspects of SEO can take a considerable amount of time and training. 

Because of this, it is always good to seek out help from people who specialize in these services. 

To your ongoing voiceover success,

Anthony Pica