Your Daily List Of Activities For Beginners in Voiceover - Follow These

Jun 30, 2020

I remember it well like it was only yesterday…

I was a young and upcoming voice talent with a burning passion in my heart for voice over and a glint in my eye and a blinding flash of teeth when I smiled…

And absolutely no idea what to do next…

(Voice in my young head:) Like where do I get clients?

Will an agent just knock on my door or will they call me first? 

How do they know where I live?? Will they want coffee?? Etc etc…

Sounds silly now, but Hey, If you don’t know… 

You only know, what you know…Y’know?

Don’t worry ace, I got your back… what you need more than anything is a consistent daily routine… If you remember anything from this article it’s this…

Consistency brings Success!

Think about it this way: If you’re not leaving landmines for your potential customers to trip over… how will they 

1. Find you? 

2. Remember you?

It’s a daily thing to keep ‘top of mind’ of your audience… believe me, the guys who are working and making a living in voiceover work are constantly ‘tapping on the shoulders’ of new and existing customers figuratively saying:


Here I am! Over here, Need a voiceover? I’m ready! Need another service like production? Worked with me before? No problem! Happy to help! Let’s do this!

And the way they ‘do this’ is by being under your nose constantly in social media with links to their demos and samples, references to their websites, comments on other media industry professionals Facebook and Instagram posts, one-liners on Tik Tok etc etc etc… really anything you can think of to get your name and what you do out there, 

Is absolutely fair game…

But, as a new voiceover artist, it helps to ‘plan’ this out a little so it’s easier to develop a habit and stick to it rather than a ‘spatter gun’ approach.

So, let’s build a plan! 

I’m going to call this plan Anthony’s ‘plan of fives’ and if you’ll stick to this for 6 months and then reassess, I’m willing to bet, you’ll be making a lot more money, have a bigger client list and you’ll be doing a lot more voiceover work than you are doing right now!

Ok, ready?

Step one:

Record 5 pieces of your own Audio daily... These can be samples, experiments with different voice styles, pieces for your demo reel, etc. 

Collect Copy on the web, rewrite copy from ads you hear on TV or Radio or the Web or pieces from other VO buddies, and get recording.

These don’t have to be super long but they do need to be clean, pristine and the best quality you can currently make them… and keep in mind when you’re ready, you can also add background music and sound effects to your samples! 

Anything to stand out more than the other talent, right? 

But don’t overdo it, as we want your voice to be the hero of the moment...

Step two:

Connect or Comment and use your audio on 5 areas in Social Media

And also 5 buyer requests on Fiverr…

So, start with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts and post your samples at least once per week,  and comment daily on 5 posts from other people in the industries and groups you follow that are related to Voiceover or Audio production. This will help to build traffic to your accounts and before you know it, you’ll be seen as an ‘authority’ on the subjects you comment on… 

Forget about the cats and pygmy hogs, crazy car stunts, and what Katy Perry had for breakfast… Talk and focus on Voiceover and Audio, ask questions, give your opinion and experiences, and get involved in conversations with others in the industry.


Ensure you connect with 5 buyer requests on Fiverr, even if you can’t fulfill the request, Advise you’d love to help out on the next project and send the ‘requestee’ a link to a sample file of your voice or your demo. 

Step three:

Audition for 5 Audiobooks and/or Voiceover jobs… what the heck,

if you have time, do both! 

Audiobooks are a quick and easy way to get great experience recording and getting used to your equipment and utilizing the different styles and tones in your voice. 

Join ACX to record Audiobooks or an alternative Audiobook site and get going!

While we’re at it,

Join as many voiceover websites as you can and don’t move on to another one until you have completely filled out everything you can on the website profile you are building! Get your bio, demos, and information full to the brim before you move on… keep in mind these websites are built around complete profiles and you’ll get preferential exposure guaranteed! 

Think about it… Why would a voiceover website only want you to fill out half the information fields they provide for you? It just doesn’t make sense… so, do the heavy lifting early and fill out your profile completely and when you can fill no more, start another one on another voiceover site! There’s plenty to choose from!

Then finally, Rinse and Repeat.


Consistency brings Success!

If you keep this ‘plan of fives’ up for six months, you’ll be well on your way to a full-time career in your Voiceover Journey…

Here’s to your ongoing voiceover success,

Anthony Pica


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