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Top 10 Voice Over Websites For Voice Actors - These Are Essential

May 22, 2020

Today we are going to take a look at the varying features and benefits of the top 10 voice over websites for voice actors today…

In saying that I’ve probably opened the biggest ‘can ‘o’ worms’ ever, as people are people, they all have their favorites; they are all at different levels in their respective voiceover journey, and at this point in your voiceover career, some of these sites may remain undiscovered to you or you may have shed off your connections to them years ago because they didn’t resound with you…

So, If I’ve missed your favorite site or one you think should be glaringly obvious and an integral part of this list, please don’t be offended, just know that I’ve tried to give an honest appraisal and general overview of what sites are available out there…

What's interesting to me as I write this, I’ve probably thought of another five or more sites I’ve had a working relationship with in the past, that had its own level of success for the time and I’ve moved on for one reason or another…

We could go on like this forever, but let’s focus on the important part of this exercise and that is, to be able to assess the features and benefits of any particular voiceover site you’ve decided to invest your ‘precious voice-over time’ and money into, and whether it’s worth your time and money... or absolutely not…

Other points to consider:

  • Why would you join or stay with one?

Because it lifts your profile, showcases you as a professional alongside others in the industry, brings you, clients, helps you gain further voiceover experience, and provides a monetary reward

  • Are there any benefits other than getting voiceover jobs?

Lifting your profile, making your ‘brand’ visible to a totally new potential market.

  • Can ‘anyone’ join the site you’re considering?

If so, the site is likely to be inundated with all sorts of people and also varying degrees of talent… this means it could be difficult to get your ‘brand’ out there and to stand out ‘above the noise’ in some cases…

  • What do I need to be marketable? Here’s your starting list...
  1. Your Demo, or your series of samples, 
  2. A well-written profile all about you and the talents you bring to your buyer... 
  3. Your Bio, or what brought you here and what you’ve done in your voiceover journey so far that would help your potential client…

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In order to be as fair and reasonable as I can, I’ve decided to create a general template and a personal scoring system to indicate the sites I’ve had the most success with… so once again, don’t hate me and here’s what my template will look like… here we go:


Description with Features and Benefits:

Subscription, Commission, or fees:

Anthony’s personal score:

Further Comments:

No: 10

Site: Voice Bunny

Description with Features and Benefits: generally low-paying work and ‘speedies’ for fast turn arounds which are great if you are at home and available to complete the work...

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Commission on work completed

Anthony’s personal score: 5.2

Further Comments: Voice bunny can be a great place to build your repertoire and experience. The review team can be a little inconsistent regarding the quality of your recordings claiming some are noisy and are therefore rejected, then others are magically accepted? Southern Hemisphere voice talent gets sent work at 4 am with an hour turnaround! A little disorganized. I’ll add, however it is an option for work and they do pay you for auditions.

No: 9

Site: Big Mouth (Not mainstream yet)

Description with Features and Benefits: Big Mouth is a New Zealand-based up-and-coming talent portal that is attempting to become international.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Commission 

Anthony’s personal score: 6.7

Further Comments: Big Mouth is seeking different voices but generally caters to its home country of New Zealand - they are also seeking Americans and Canadians and also some Australian talent. Bigmouth is an ‘up and comer’ and one to watch... 

No: 8

Site: Bodalgo

Description with Features and Benefits: Bodalgo is a European pay-to-play site that charges annually or monthly for as little as 35 Euros per month. It has lots of German and Dutch work on it and a limited amount of English-based work also.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Subscription

Anthony’s personal score: 7.8

Further Comments: Bodalgo is a great site to connect with in order to build your brand in Europe

No: 7

Site: People Per Hour

Description with Features and Benefits: People Per Hour is a Freelancer site

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Bids for work and direct bookings

Anthony’s personal score: 7.9

Further Comments: People Per Hour is a website that combines bidding for posted work and posting offers that allow you to be booked straight from the offer. I believe this website has great potential, but until they build the traffic needed to sustain steady work for more than a few people, it will continue to be a crapshoot. 

No: 6

Site: Upwork

Description with Features and Benefits: Upwork is a credit-based freelancer site that also takes a fee on contracts achieved

Subscription, Commission, or fees: fees and credits

Anthony’s personal score: 8.0

Further Comments: Upwork is a useful addition to your marketing plan and can be lucrative if understood and driven correctly. There is no denying that Upwork is bringing plenty of business to voice actors, and with recent additions, you can receive direct bookings now. 

No: 5

Site: Voices 123

Description with Features and Benefits: Voices 123 is one of the more popular pay-to-play sites with lots of talent on it, but it also has lots of jobs available to explore.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Annual fees

Anthony’s personal score: 8.2

Further Comments: Voices 123 can be a useful part of your marketing plan and can be lucrative if understood, worked on, and marketed correctly. Keep in mind there are many talents on this website. Just like Voices.com, Voice123 is important to be aware of and have a presence on because of the clients that use them. It's more important to be a part of these sites so that you can be found from your marketing efforts than the actual auditioning. However, Voice123 has a tier system for subscriptions that goes upwards of $5,000 for a yearly membership. 

No: 4

Site: Voices.com

Description with Features and Benefits: Voices.com is probably one of the better known and certainly more popular pay-to-play sites also with lots of voice talent on its books, but again it has lots of jobs available to explore but lots of talent to compete with.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Annual fees

Anthony’s personal score: 8.3

Further Comments: This is also a highly populated site that really experienced talent can find to be lucrative… I’d suggest not one for new players. Voices.com is different from Voice123 in that there is only one subscription option, which is currently $497. 

No: 3 

Site: Voquent

Description with Features and Benefits: Voquent is a new up-and-coming freelancer site with a difference: it’s individual sample and emotion-based, rather than demo-based.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Commission for projects completed.

Anthony’s personal score: 8.7

Further Comments: I think Voquent is a unique and very useful addition to your marketing plan and also can be lucrative if understood and focused upon correctly. This is definitely a website that has loads of potential and is going places, however, it still has room to grow in other markets outside the UK. The management is spot on and very friendly/knowledgeable. 

No: 2

Site: Voice Realm

Description with Features and Benefits: Voice realm is an audition selection-based voice talent site for professionals. 

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Voice realm is subscription-based accepting annual fees and takes a commission on completed projects.

Anthony’s personal score: 8.8

Further Comments: If you are successful in your audition process, the voice realm can be a lucrative and useful addition to your marketing strategy. They have done a great job of narrowing the field when they send out auditions. I have had great success on this platform and have made my money back many times over. So from an investment standpoint, it has been great. Also, I have had direct bookings. 

No: 1

Site: Fiverr

Description with Features and Benefits: Fiverr is a multi-faceted freelancer site that is growing leaps and bounds and seems to be evolving at a rapid pace with all sorts of features planned to help promote ‘doers’ on the site.

Subscription, Commission, or fees: Commission is 20% of everything earned in projects and jobs.

Anthony’s personal score: 9.0


Final points to consider:

  1. Your brand should have a level of consistency across all websites and portals you market yourself on, which means your bio, demos, promo videos and profile should ring pretty much the same on all sites. This means you only need to create one promotional package that you use to make yourself visible to the world and you can then use the components of that on all the freelancer and entrepreneurial sites you choose to market yourself on.
  2. Remember to update your demos and samples oftenYou’ll be astounded how much your delivery and tone can improve over the course of a year and how shocked you can become with your older demos when listening to them with experienced and more discerning ears! Don’t be too hard on yourself… we’re all improving all the time.

To your continued voiceover success,

Anthony Pica


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