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This virtual conference is dedicated to making things more affordable for voice actors. With most voice over conferences being held in person, we love that this conference can be attended by anyone, anywhere. The conference will be held through Zoom Events where you will enjoy being able to engage with coaches and fellow voice actors in a conference lobby, attend specific classes / panels, ask questions via chat features, and have access to the entire conference recording post-event. Purchase your ticket today and we'll see you at the conference!

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"As I began my journey, I scoured the internet for videos and blogs, stalked many professional and accomplished Voice Actors on social media. I am one who must learn and soak up everything I can to always put my best foot forward in my blossoming VO business. I found Anthony Pica through another group on Facebook. He was funny and very personable. His manner of speaking and his eagerness to share what he has learned on his journey for any and all to hear. When he began to offer services on his own, his own mastermind group, his own Facebook group, I was quick to join both. Through my membership in the Elite group, I have learned so much more, on a much more personal level. I have also met others that share the same drive to learn and succeed and who also devour every golden nugget Anthony shares. I highly recommend the Elite group. I joined Fiverr in June of 2018, I was promoted to Top Rated Seller in January of 2020. I attribute much of my success to Anthony, for his patience and wisdom, as well as kicking me in the pants when I needed it. Join us in the A VO's Journey Elite group, come see for yourself."

Angela Ohlfest - Voice Talent and Coach

Live Classes & Workshops

  • Live classes four - five times a week with industry experts to walk you through every step for making money now in our voice over academy. With homework to help you take those next steps! Most classes are recorded, so if you can’t make one don’t worry! You can watch the replay at your convenience!
  • Monthly Workshops and webinars
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So ... What Is The Voice Over Elite Academy?

A VO's Journey Elite Academy is an online voice over school for voice actors just starting out and/or looking to grow their voiceover businesses through live coaching

As a member of the academy, you get access to:

  • 5 live training sessions a week on voice acting, technical/production, marketing, and Fiverr with our voice over coaches through Zoom
  • All live sessions, workouts and webinars are recorded in our archive so you can view them anytime, even if you can't make it. 
  • Script Workout Groups
  • Voice Over Conference
  • Live Fiverr Friday where Anthony critiques, listens, coaches, and teaches EVERYTHING FIVERR
  • Access to large pre-recorded content library to watch and grow on your time with things like platform walkthroughs, DAW walkthroughs and more!
  • Monthly audition contests with prizes
  • Live critiques on your demos, auditions, work, audio, etc. multiple nights w/ Anthony on Discord
  • Discord. The friendliest, most active, and most helpful community of voice actors on the internet. Whether you join our Facebook group or our discord, there’s always someone willing to help encourage you or walk you through some tricky problem (probably because they have had that same problem!) 

  • Dramatically decrease the time needed to learn how to record, edit, master, and deliver professional quality voice overs.

** Exclusive Access to A VO's Journey Audiobook Production Company

We publish audiobooks each week and only hire from our students

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Video Testimonials

Check out these video testimonials from voice actors who are a part of the academy


SUSAN FOUCHE - Voice Acting Instructor

Susan has built a full-time voice over business from scratch through hard work and incredible intelligence. She is a former teacher and specializes in voice acting coaching through commercials, eLearning, meditation, radio, tv, and so much more. 

Susan is coming to A VO's Journey Elite Academy as our "Monday Night Live" instructor for voice over artists looking to get better at voice acting. 

Susan is also A VO's Journey Audiobook Talent Curator.

KAT SIGGERS - Voice Acting Coach 

Kat is a professional actor, voice artist and presenter.

She has been coaching students in 1-1 sessions for the past few years and has helped developed and motivated many students to achieve success in their chosen artistic field. 

 Kat believes in constantly expanding her knowledge and likes to have hands on practical experience in order to develop her skills. 

Anthony Pica - Marketing Instructor / Advanced Voice Acting Instructor / Fiverr Instructor

Anthony has a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts Performance and Education. He has over 20 years of voice acting experience in the booth, on the stage, and has toured around the United States performing for 1000's of people. 

Anthony is also the creative director for the Audiobook Production Company and Founder/CEO of A VO's Journey

Don Baarns - Technical/Production Instructor

Don Baarns is one of the world's leading experts in spoken-word voice recording and production. His coaching, video sessions, and tools were developed and refined from thousands of hours of private sessions with clients, ranging from absolute beginners to expert-level students. 
Don started his adult life as a music recording engineer and performing musician in Los Angeles. With decades of recording, production, AND performance experience, he has a unique perspective on audio tech. He's also the grandfather of Izotope RX's Mouth deClicker tool, which has saved thousands of narrators countless hours of processing and aggravation. 

Donny Baarns - Technical/Production Instructor

Donny Baarns has been a working voice talent since 2013, and has recorded projects for WebMD, Budweiser, Puma, Microsoft, Best Buy, Denny's, and more. He's also been a sports broadcaster since 2008, and has called Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, and Softball on TV and Radio (including over 100 Spring Training broadcasts and a regular-season Major League Baseball game for the Oakland A's).
In 2019, he started VOJumpstart.com to help his dad's highly-regarded 1-on-1 coaching reach a wider range of students with pre-recorded, on-demand courses and training. Don and Donny collaborate closely every day, and are excited to bring Don's simple concepts and audio wisdom to A VO's Journey Elite Academy!
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"The Elite Academy helped me a lot. I was about to get 6 orders in my first week. Your podcast has so many great tips that I’ve been able to use in my voiceover journey. I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve learned from you."

Missy Sumoski

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING being part of your Elite group! I have a commitment on Saturday mornings, and usually won’t be able to make the calls, but I always THOROUGHLY ENJOY watching the replays."

Frank Gerard

"I appreciate you taking time out to coach me over those 4 weeks. Your coaching, podcast, and videos has brought me from a total out of the box beginner to receiving more and more orders from fiverr and ACX. As of today, I have completed the requirements to become a level 2 seller on fiverr and it started with you back in November. Thank you for your hard work, your graciousness to give of your time, knowledge and friendship to myself and others coming into the VO world."

Ron Garner

Sample Voice Over Workshop

Check out a workshop that A VO's Journey Elite Academy hosted for our voice actors and the community

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"I’d just like to say I've had Anthony coach me for only a few sessions now and I can honestly say if it wasn't for him I would have given up at the first hurdle. There are so many parts to this equation to being a voice over professional, and the hardest thing is knowing where to focus your time and attention based on where you can achieve the wins which you need to see to stop you from quitting before you've made it. I definitely recommend Anthony as a vo business coach. 🙏"

Amrit Sandhu - Voice Talent

"Well I'll join the happy Elite Party. I know this is not much for a lot of people on here but for me it is huge. 3 orders today, 2 yesterday, and 1 the day before that. Thanks, Anthony Pica, I am sure this is attributed to all your help in the Elite Group. And thanks to all in the group as well. Anyone who wants to increase their voice over business on Fiverr and in general, I encourage them to check out the A VO's Journey Elite group. Anthony spills the beans."

Gary Middleton - Voice Talent

"Thanks again Anthony Pica for a great 1 on 1 coaching session. Anthony is great at giving you exactly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Thanks man! Your session made the difference and I'm looking forward to implementing a lot of the great advice you've given me :) "

Will Stauff - Voice Actor

Extra Benefits For Joining The Academy

A VO's Journey Voice Over Conference

We hold an exclusive 3 day voice over conference every year and members receive 40% off tickets. Guests have included Sean Pratt, Scott Brick, Eli Harris, Voiceover Gabby, Brent Allen Hagel, Mike Delgaudio, and more!

Audiobooks By: A VO's Journey

A VO's Journey Voice Over Academy has its own in house audiobook production company. We hire voice actors from the academy ONLY to narrate audiobooks to be published through the academy.

Fiverr Friday's

Fiverr Friday's are held each Friday where Anthony hosts a meeting to coach, teach, critique, and work with members to grow their Fiverr accounts.


We woke up this morning with a message: "Congratulations, You are now a Top Rated Seller!" Thanks for the help getting over the hump. After three years on Fiverr and over $85,000.00 sold, but not being able to get to TRS status, after following your advice we gained it in a week. TODD BARSNESS


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