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Voice Over Courses

Find our library of voice over courses that will help you start and grow your voice over business. Whether you are just starting or a veteran, we have courses to help. 

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A VO's Journey Elite Academy

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Get Your Demo Produced

Your demo is your number one marketing tool and you need the very best you can get. Work with A VO's Journey to get well produced demo at an affordable price.

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"As I began my journey, I scoured the internet for videos and blogs, stalked many professional and accomplished Voice Actors on social media. I am one who must learn and soak up everything I can to always put my best foot forward in my blossoming VO business. I found Anthony Pica through another group on Facebook. He was funny and very personable. His manner of speaking and his eagerness to share what he has learned on his journey for any and all to hear. When he began to offer services on his own, his own mastermind group, his own Facebook group, I was quick to join both. Through my membership in the Elite group, I have learned so much more, on a much more personal level. I have also met others that share the same drive to learn and succeed and who also devour every golden nugget Anthony shares. I highly recommend the Elite group. I joined Fiverr in June of 2018, I was promoted to Top Rated Seller in January of 2020. I attribute much of my success to Anthony, for his patience and wisdom, as well as kicking me in the pants when I needed it. Join us in the A VO's Journey Elite group, come see for yourself."

Angela Ohlfest - Voice Talent and Coach

Live Classes & Workshops

  • 4 Live classes a week with industry experts to walk you through every step for making money now in our voice over academy. With homework to help you take those next steps! Most classes are recorded, so if you can’t make one don’t worry! You can watch the replay at your convenience!
  • Weekly Script Workout Sessions w/ Coaches and Scripts
  • Monthly Workshops and webinars
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Video Testimonials

Check out these video testimonials from voice actors who are a part of the academy


Anthony Pica - CEO of A VO's Journey / Marketing Instructor / Advanced Voice Acting Instructor / Fiverr Instructor

Anthony has a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts Performance and Education. He has over 20 years of acting experience and voice acting experience in the booth, on the stage, and has toured around the United States performing for 1000's of people. 

Academy Voices

Our New Talent Agency / Roster

I am so excited to share with you are new talent agency / roster for A VO's Journey Elite Academy members. Academy Voices is set up to bring in voice over work for our members from all over the world. Check it out here.

Check Out Academy Voice Here

"The Elite Academy helped me a lot. I was about to get 6 orders in my first week. Your podcast has so many great tips that I’ve been able to use in my voiceover journey. I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve learned from you."

Missy Sumoski

"I just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING being part of your Elite group! I have a commitment on Saturday mornings, and usually won’t be able to make the calls, but I always THOROUGHLY ENJOY watching the replays."

Frank Gerard

"I appreciate you taking time out to coach me over those 4 weeks. Your coaching, podcast, and videos has brought me from a total out of the box beginner to receiving more and more orders from fiverr and ACX. As of today, I have completed the requirements to become a level 2 seller on fiverr and it started with you back in November. Thank you for your hard work, your graciousness to give of your time, knowledge and friendship to myself and others coming into the VO world."

Ron Garner

Sample Voice Over Workshop

Check out a workshop that A VO's Journey Elite Academy hosted for our voice actors and the community

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