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Angela Ohlfest

As I began my journey,  I scoured the internet for videos and blogs, stalked many professional and accomplished Voice Actors on social media. I am one who must learn and soak up everything I can to always put my best foot forward in my blossoming VO business.  I found Anthony Pica through another group on Facebook.  He was funny and very personable. His manner of speaking and his eagerness to share what he has learned on his journey for any and all to hear. When he began to offer services on his own, his own mastermind group, his own Facebook group, I was quick to join both. Through my membership in the Elite group, I have learned so much more, on a much more personal level. I have also met others that share the same drive to learn and succeed and who also devour every golden nugget Anthony shares. I highly recommend the Elite group. I joined Fiverr in June of 2018, I was promoted to Top Rated Seller in January of 2020. I attribute much of my success to Anthony, for his patience and wisdom, as well as kicking me in the pants when I needed it. Join us in the A VO's Journey Elite group,  come see for yourself.

 Video Testimonials

Check out these video testimonials from voice actors who are a part of the academy

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Check Out This Live Coaches Panel Where We Answered VO Questions

This is the format that our classes run. We use Zoom to stream 4 live classes a week: Marketing, Voice Acting, Production, and Business Systems/accountability. 

So ... What Is The Elite Academy?

A VO's Journey Elite Academy is an online school for voice actors just starting out and/or looking to grow their voiceover businesses through live coaching

As a member of the academy, you get access to:

  • 5 live training sessions a week on voice acting, technical/production, marketing, audiobooks, and business systems/accountability from our voiceover coaches through Zoom
    • Monday - Beginning VO @ 8pm EST
    • Tuesday - Beginning Voice Acting @ 2pm EST
    • Tuesday - Tech @ 6pm EST
    • Wednesday - Advanced Acting and Marketing @ 8pm EST
    • Thursday - Script Workout @ 8pm EST
  • Live Script Workout Group each week
  • All live sessions are recorded in our archive so you can view them anytime, even if you can't make it. 
  • Multiple Instructors who are highly paid, voice-over professionals.
  • Demo reviews and tips
  • Website reviews and tips
  • Easily accessible video archive of previous sessions so in case you can't attend a meeting, you can watch the replay
  • Monthly audition contests with prizes
  • Help you understand marketing an online voice over business and give you a clear path to success
  • Private Discord Server that is full of resources and support 24/7
  • Dramatically decrease the time needed to learn how to record, edit, master, and deliver professional quality voice overs.
  • Access to All A VO's Journey Voice Over Courses

** And you will access to A VO's Journey Elite Talent Agency, Academy Voices!

An In-depth Look At Our Coaches

Susan Fouche A VO's Journey Elite Instructor

Kasey Miracle - Beginning VO Basics and Marketing

Kasey has performed in almost every type of voice over work you can imagine!

She's created voices for characters in video games, apps, cartoons, and audio dramas.

She's narrated audiobooks, e-learning courses, audio tours, and documentaries. She's voiced national commercials ​for radio, tv, social media and websites, walkthrough videos for apps, products, and companies, corporate narration for training and benefit presentations, voicemail messages for international companies and was even one of the voices to present an award at the Youtube Music Night Hong Kong.

KAT SIGGERS - Voice Acting Coach (UK)

Kat is a professional actor, voice artist and presenter.

She has been coaching students in 1-1 sessions for the past few years and has helped developed and motivated many students to achieve success in their chosen artistic field. 

 Kat believes in constantly expanding her knowledge and likes to have hands on practical experience in order to develop her skills. 

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Anthony Pica VO

Anthony Pica - Advanced Acting and Marketing

Anthony has a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts Performance. He has over 20 years of voice acting experience in the booth, on the stage, and has toured around the United States performing for 1000's of people. 

Some of his clients include BMW, Jeep, Boys & Girls Club of America, Circle K, Ford Dealerships, Ascari, Polo, and many more. 

Don Baarns - Technical/Production Instructor

Don Baarns is one of the world's leading experts in spoken-word voice recording and production. His coaching, video sessions, and tools were developed and refined from thousands of hours of private sessions with clients, ranging from absolute beginners to expert-level students. 
Don started his adult life as a music recording engineer and performing musician in Los Angeles. With decades of recording, production, AND performance experience, he has a unique perspective on audio tech. He's also the grandfather of Izotope RX's Mouth deClicker tool, which has saved thousands of narrators countless hours of processing and aggravation. He's available for 1-on-1 coaching and has multiple on-demand courses available at
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Missy Sumoski

The Elite Academy helped me a lot. I was about to get 6 orders in my first week. Your podcast has so many great tips that I’ve been able to use in my voiceover journey. I’m so thankful for everything that I’ve learned from you.

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Frank Gerard

I just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING being part of your  Elite group! I have a commitment on Saturday mornings, and usually won’t be able to make the calls, but I always THOROUGHLY ENJOY watching the replays.

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Ron Garner

I appreciate you taking time out to coach me over those 4 weeks. Your coaching, podcast, and videos has brought me from a total out of the box beginner to receiving more and more orders from fiverr and ACX. As of today, I have completed the requirements to become a level 2 seller on fiverr and it started with you back in November.

Thank you for your hard work, your graciousness to give of your time, knowledge and friendship to myself and others coming into the VO world.

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"I would HIGHLY recommend Anthony's instruction... whether individual coaching, his videos or his Elite group, of which I'm a member. The guy just never stops sharing his best stuff. Sometimes in terms of specifics, but often just in terms of hustle and attitude, he has kept me stirred up about being successful on this platform. About a year ago, I was making a little money, but nearing the end of my rope about really fighting to make it on Fiverr in any big way. His example has been extremely valuable."

  Chuck Brown
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Amrit Sandhu

I’d just like to say I've had Anthony coach me for only a few sessions now and I can honestly say if it wasn't for him I would have given up at the first hurdle. There are so many parts to this equation to being a voice over professional, and the hardest thing is knowing where to focus your time and attention based on where you can achieve the wins which you need to see to stop you from quitting before you've made it. I definitely recommend Anthony as a vo business coach. 🙏

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Gary Middleton

Well I'll join the happy Elite Party. I know this is not much for a lot of people on here but for me it is huge.

3 orders today, 2 yesterday, and 1 the day before that. Thanks, Anthony Pica, I am sure this is attributed to all your help in the Elite Group. And thanks to all in the group as well.

Anyone who wants to increase their voice over business on Fiverr and in general, I encourage them to check out the A VO's Journey Elite group. Anthony spills the beans.

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Will Stauff

Thanks again Anthony Pica for a great 1 on 1 coaching session.  Anthony is great at giving you exactly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.  Thanks man! 

Your session made the difference and I'm looking forward to implementing a lot of the great advice you've given me :) 

Key benefits from this group


  • One of the BIGGEST BENEFITS of the academy is the community.  We believe that voice actors deserve a place to share their experiences, questions, and challenges in a non-judgemental atmosphere where we look out for eachother.

  • A private group that you have 24hr access to over 100 hours of content on growing your voice over business through marketing, voice acting, production, and business systems. 

  • Access to course giveaways

  • You are able to talk to us live and ask us questions in person every week (Well, over the internet. Close enough)

  • A private community that is anxious to help and support you on your journey


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Jessica Caruso

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the time and effort you put into my coaching over the last few months.  I came to you with a dream and unfortunately some negative feedback on my performance.  With consistent time and effort you have helped to greatly improve my voice acting/narration career!  

I faced many challenges...with delivery. breaking down a script, animation.... as well as questions about equipment and my digital audio workspace... You systematically addressed every one of my concerns... thru face to face connection... personalizing the entire process!  You were supportive and didn't tell me what I wanted to hear... You are honest and forthwith and sincere in your desire to help others.  You taught me so much over the last few months.... not only with the coaching,,, but following you on FB and your podcasts.   Your helpful, giving nature and sincere desire to see other succeed speaks volumes about you as a man, a mentor and a voice actor. 

I look forward to working with you in the near future to improve on my skills.  Thank you for being supportive and a wonderful teacher/coach!

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We woke up this morning with a message: 

"Congratulations, You are now a Top Rated Seller!"

Thanks for the help getting over the hump.  After three years on Fiverr and over $85,000.00 sold, but not being able to get to TRS status, after following your advice we gained it in a week. Todd Barsness
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