Promote Your Voice Over Business Before You Have Anything to Promote - Don't Let It Stop You

Jun 29, 2020

It’s a fair question, 

“I’m new to my voiceover journey, so how do I come up with the content required to present myself in a professional light, like someone who knows what they’re doing?”

Before you climb under the covers, here are some handy tips to help you as we consider what you do have to promote…

Here’s No:1

Focus on YOUR personal background 

The first thing to consider in figuring this out is: 

Your client's problem…


Your client's problem… and that is, they need a solution to their problem, whatever that is… Why you? 

You need to show them that with all your life experience, you are a unique solution to their problem!

So, let’s play this idea out…

Tell me, aside from having some understanding of voiceover, what experience do you have in life that you can draw upon, as a solution to your client's issue?

You’ve read,

You’ve experienced relationships, been in love?

You’ve been to school, been in a team?

Advised others

You’ve worked in different industries

You’ve possibly spoken publicly, Sung? Performed in amateur theatre? Danced?

So you have a history to draw from in order to display your ‘unique approach’ to your client's problem!

Here’s an example. 

Let’s say I’m dealing with my first client who needs me to do a narration about real estate… 

What do I know about real estate?

Nothing other than my experiences in dealing with others' emotions, knowing what customer service means, having a level of integrity, having lived in a home, having been in a big house, a small apartment...

Ever heard the saying, become the filler of the ‘gap’ in your market and you’ll always have work? Well, share your unique experiences and problem-solving skills to serve your customers.

You are Yoda, they are Luke Skywalker

It’s not always easy to see yourself from a position of power, especially when beginning a new career or completing a project when you’ve never done another project like it before. But consider the below statements:

  1. Hey, I’m Anthony, Thanks heaps for your order, I’m soo excited you’ve given me a shot to pull this project off for you! :) I’ll be back to you as soon as I sort out how to pull it together for you OK? Cheers bucko… :)
  2. Hi there, I’m Anthony, a pro voice talent from Virginia with a unique perspective on getting your project completed and back to you in pristine audio as soon as I can. Can you please advise on what you are using the audio for? Whether you have a style or tone in mind? Let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll do the same If I require and more information from you. Many thanks, Back to you soon. Warmest regards, Anthony 

Number two, right? 

It goes without saying, people generally don’t give VO guys ‘a shot’ or ‘a go’ at pulling off a project and invest in the hope that they’ll get it right for them… If you come across as inexperienced, raw and lacking in knowledge, people can’t build an understanding or a business relationship with you, especially if you sound like you don’t have a plan in mind for their project.

You aren’t exuding an air of confidence, which means your new client can’t and won’t trust you.  

You need to be the Yoda, the Sage, the Expert in what you do, even if you are researching and seeking advice as you go! 

Don’t come across as the apprentice, Luke Skywalker… or the battle is over! 

Which brings us to our next point...

Everything is based on why you are unique, not how much work you have done in the voice-over business

Similar thought to focussing on your personal background, understand your potential client is buying YOU.

By the time your client has decided to employ you for their project, they have built a relationship with you to the degree that they are comfortable to hand over their hard-earned cash and pay you for your services! It’s all about your relationship with them, how safe they feel that you can get the job done, which has nothing to do with how many projects you’ve done, how long you’ve been working in voiceover…

This is exactly why a well suited new voice talent can win an audition over a veteran voiceover talent that has been in the business for years… it’s not about experience, it’s largely about the voice the client heard in their head and how close you are to that!

Show don’t tell!

If you can show your potential client why you’re the talent for the job by auditioning and they decide you’re the voice they want, there’s no further discussion required, the job’s yours! 

My last point to wrap up these handy tips is:

It’s about connecting with your audience 

Got Charisma?

If so, you're already on the way to building your voiceover empire… 

Please don’t consider my thought on Charisma as smarmy or salesy, as generally, everyone loves an engaging character, a smile, a caring word, kind advice etc.

There’s nothing to lose by being easy to get along with, professional and efficient. 

But there’s everything to lose if you are uncommunicative and potential clients find you hard to connect with...


Here’s to your continued Voiceover Success,

Anthony Pica



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