Am I Ready To Be A Voiceover Artist?

Aug 24, 2020
Have you ever looked at a man-made marvel of engineering and thought to yourself, what a spectacular piece of machinery? 
It could be an iconic military aircraft or the latest Tesla electric supercar or even the latest Thermo mix!
Whatever your ‘whizz-bang’ unit is: I think you’ll agree, all the components of the spectacular unit you're thinking of, have to work together in perfect synergy, each piece of the machinery singing in pitch, all of the components and cogs relying upon the other in perfect wizz bang fashion…
It’s a little like your voiceover business.
Now, to be fair, voiceover businesses usually don’t start out that way, however, in order to really ‘stake your claim’ and stand out in the voiceover market, you need eyeballs, followers, clients, return business, etc and the only way to make that happen is to get all your ‘cogs’ or components whirring consistently and in...
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Simple Email Marketing Strategy For Voice Actors

Jul 30, 2020
When it comes to emails, you’ll hear all sorts of opinions relating to them from 
being ‘old news and outdated’, a complete waste of time, to the other end of the spectrum and email being the ‘bedrock’ of your marketing plan... 
Whatever your thoughts on email at this stage, most voice talent initially ‘slink away in horror’ at the thought of having to ‘sell themselves’ and having to do daily email tasks, but believe me, it’s not all bad once you get the hang of what’s required and you might just find email to be a powerful marketing addition to your VO Journey. 
Remember, email is still one of the most effective ways of connecting and building a relationship with your potential clients and also for building your voiceover business.

Q: How do I find contacts?

  1. Start by Using Google to locate video production, audio production, and other production studios across the country…  and once...
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Your Daily List Of Activities For Beginners in Voiceover

Jun 30, 2020

I remember it well like it was only yesterday…

I was a young and upcoming voice talent with a burning passion in my heart for voice over and a glint in my eye and a blinding flash of teeth when I smiled…

And absolutely no idea what to do next…

(Voice in my young head:) Like where do I get clients?

Will an agent just knock on my door or will they call me first? 

How do they know where I live?? Will they want coffee?? Etc etc…

Sounds silly now, but Hey, If you don’t know… 

You only know, what you know…Y’know?

Don’t worry ace, I got your back… what you need more than anything is a consistent daily routine… If you remember anything from this article it’s this…

Consistency brings Success!

Think about it this way: If you’re not leaving landmines for your potential customers to trip over… how will they 

1. Find you? 

2. Remember you?

It’s a daily thing...

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Should I Learn a New Accent to Grow My Voice Over Business

Jun 19, 2020

Something we all have in common as talents on our own voiceover journey… and that’s the endless desire to stand out and be seen... 

We seek to rise above the noise of a busy market and be counted as working hard on our craft and bringing something unique… ours is an interesting landscape and it’s also an expanding one as more and more remote countries and continents come online and connect with the global village via the web… there’s nothing standing in our way of working with all 195 countries across the world except maybe foreign languages and a lack of ability to communicate. 

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to speak a second or third language, then more power to you, but for those of us who aren’t so talented, there’s something else you may or may not have considered to add to your voiceover portfolio and that’s learning to use a different accent or two

Now, I think all of us probably have a...

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Getting Voice Over Clients: Basics 101

May 26, 2020

Three tips to market yourself locally... 

It’s no surprise that successful businesses run on the process of ‘getting clients’ and keeping them. The path of your VO Journey’s success and your progress as a voice talent is no different.
We’ve all heard it over and over that, it’s easier to service a client you already have than to have to keep hunting for new ones…

So, firstly, how do we keep the clients we have?

Here’s your first tip:

Under promise and Over deliver…

What does that mean exactly?

It means when you get an audition, don’t give one take and move on, give three, provide them fast and friendly, always say please and thank you and be cheery, informative and easy to work with…

When that audition finally becomes a project or two or three...

Be professional, helpful, and convenient.

Provide 2-3 takes for everyone, every time, ask lots of questions about your clients business and the projects...
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What Price Does Your Voice Over Brand Command?

May 12, 2020

“So, just in case you didn’t know it yet, you’re a can of soup”…

“What? How do you come to that conclusion?”

“Well, you have a label, don’t you? And content? And you’re attracted to some, but maybe not to others, for all sorts of reasons… and you’ve got a price! 

But who sets that price? YOU? Or your market? Or both?...

All good questions that we will explore in this article, What price does your Brand command?

Not sure if you’ve struck upon it yet, but there will come a time in your VO journey when someone tells you:

1. They like your voice and

2. They’d like you to forward your rate card…

I don’t think, in all my years as a voice talent, when I’ve sent my rate card to someone, they’ve emailed back and said Great! I love your rates! Here’s a Voiceover job for you! 

There’s usually some form of negotiation that takes place, which brings up a good...

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How to Pick the Right Voice Over Coach

May 05, 2020

So you're looking for a voice over coach?


Yes! They do exist!...

You’ve arrived at the point in your voiceover journey where you think you may benefit from the experience and guidance of a coach? 

Well done! For many, ‘getting a coach’ seems to be the last resort when ‘everything else’ has been tried out and attempted beforehand.

Really, coaching should almost be the first thing you consider when setting up your voice over business… 


Because a ‘good coach’ can help you dodge and weave most of the landmines awaiting a novice voice talent and get you on the road to success, a lot quicker than you’d possibly take to ‘find your VO groove’ all by yourself...

Here’s 7 major points on how to know whether you’ve found a coach that can help you in your VO journey…

But before we start, let me take you back a little, or for some, a lot! to days at school when you came across that nutty...

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Create Content For Your Voice Over Business

Dec 11, 2019

I made a quick video on why I think you should make content for your voice-over business. 

To me, creating content and sending it out in the world, via social media, is like investing. 

When you create a blog post, video, podcast, etc, you create something that will last and has the potential to grow your business. Unless you take it down, it never goes away.

Many people are worried about creating content for voice-over because they don't know what they should say or they don't know how to format things.

As of right now, there are millions and millions of videos, articles, and podcasts explaining this very topic and for good reason.

This is the age we live in. If you are not putting out content in some form, either about your journey or about your thoughts or research on another business, you are missing a monumental opportunity. 

Check out the video and I hope you enjoy it! 

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How To Come Up With A Voice Actor Rate Card

Dec 02, 2019

So, what exactly is a voice actor rate card anyway? A VO rate card is simply a chart, document, graph, etc. that outlines monetary prices to work with you and to license your work.

Why is it important?

    1. Your business is supposed to make money. Without knowing how much you are charging and what you can expect, you will not be able to grow a profitable enterprise.
    2. Consistency - There needs to be a consistent customer experience so they can trust in your name

How is a rate card formatted (Simple example)

A. Rates determined by length of the script:

  1. 5 words (2 seconds)
  2. 50 words (20 seconds)
  3. 500 words (3 minutes)
  4. 5000 words (33 minutes)
  5. 50,000 words (5.5 hours)

B. Broadcast Rates and Sizes Online

  1. 10,000 people
  2. 100,000 people
  3. 1M people
  4. 10M people
  5. 100M people

How do you price your rate card?

3 ways to do it:

    1. Industry Standards: GVAA is a great place to start your search
    2. What are your operating costs
    3. What are the trending rates on the platform you are on?

Do you post it?

  1. Do you...
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How To Set Up A Phone Patch On $0 Budget - 5 Free Methods

Oct 30, 2019

Setting up a phone patch for direction in your vocal booth for voice-over is easier than ever. There are five different ways I recommend setting this up without spending any money.

    • What is phone-patch - A phone-patch allows two-way communication with the client.
    • Paid method - An electric box that allows you to connect your mixer or digital audio interface to standard phone lines. 

** The critical thing to remember is that you do not have to pay for this. 

Free Method #1: Use your phone

  • A phone is a very viable way, and if you put your phone on speaker or have Bluetooth earbuds, it works great.
  • Upside: Everyone has a phone, and it is easy to call a number.
  • Downside: The long-distance might cost money.

Free Method #2: Zoom

  • Zoom is an online platform and app that lets you connect with anyone on the internet for free. Zoom has lots of other features that come with the paid versions, but it is open and usable for phone-patches.
  • Upside - free.
  • Downside - Only get 40...
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