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How To Set Up A Phone Patch On $0 Budget 5 Free Methods - You Don't Need Much

Oct 30, 2019

Setting up a phone patch for direction in your vocal booth for voice-over is easier than ever. There are five different ways I recommend setting this up without spending any money.

    • What is phone-patch - A phone-patch allows two-way communication with the client.
    • Paid method - An electric box that allows you to connect your mixer or digital audio interface to standard phone lines. 

** The critical thing to remember is that you do not have to pay for this. 

Free Method #1: Use your phone

  • A phone is a very viable way, and if you put your phone on speaker or have Bluetooth earbuds, it works great.
  • Upside: Everyone has a phone, and it is easy to call a number.
  • Downside: The long-distance might cost money.

Free Method #2: Zoom

  • Zoom is an online platform and app that lets you connect with anyone on the internet for free. Zoom has lots of other features that come with the paid versions, but it is open and usable for phone-patches.
  • Upside - free.
  • Downside - Only get 40 minutes per “meeting” before you have to disconnect.

Free Method #3: WhatsApp

  • I love this App. You can connect to anyone around the world for free, send files, talk to them, and pretty much conduct all sorts of business with a stable platform, and it's free. All a person needs to do is sign up for the app. You can have this on your computer as well.
  • Upside - Amazing for talking and file sharing
  • Downside - Must have the App to work

Free Method #4: Skype

  • I end up using Skype a lot, not because it is the best option, but because most of my clients seem to use it. It is nice because you can also see the person you are talking to and some clients really like that.
  • Upside - It is probably one of the most well known and highly used ways to connect online in real-time, so everyone has it, and it is free. Also, multiple people can connect at once effortlessly.
  • Downside - Skype does not always have the best connection.

Free Method #5: Google Voice

  • Google voice has become a staple in people's businesses around the world because you can now have a free phone number, connect with anyone, even route the amount through your real phone. And the person you are calling can use their phone and not be charged.
  • Upside - It’s free and more and more people are using it
  • Downside - I do not believe that you can connect with video

These methods are being used more and more for phone-patching. Other ways cost money, but with these five tools, you shouldn’t have too. Just remember, if you want to know what to choose, in the end, it’s whatever your client wants to use.


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