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Simple Email Marketing Strategy For Voice Actors - Don't Miss It

Jul 30, 2020
When it comes to emails, you’ll hear all sorts of opinions relating to them from 
being ‘old news and outdated’, a complete waste of time, to the other end of the spectrum and email being the ‘bedrock’ of your marketing plan... 
Whatever your thoughts on email at this stage, most voice talent initially ‘slink away in horror’ at the thought of having to ‘sell themselves’ and having to do daily email tasks, but believe me, it’s not all bad once you get the hang of what’s required and you might just find email to be a powerful marketing addition to your VO Journey. 
Remember, email is still one of the most effective ways of connecting and building a relationship with your potential clients and also for building your voiceover business.

Q: How do I find contacts?

  1. Start by Using Google to locate video production, audio production, and other production studios across the country…  and once you’ve got comfortable then start contacting studios in English speaking countries across the globe!
  2. Start a conversation by asking whether the companies you contact are accepting showreels or demos from voice actors...

There are all sorts of emailing techniques and methods, from googling production houses and studios to buying lists of production company details from freelance data scrapers and then contacting companies, initially with a free offer to gain traction, it could be one minute of free audio as a ‘getting to know you’ promotion...

Another way of emailing to explore is autoresponder systems like Mailshake or Woodpecker. These follow your schedule and automatically send out a series of emails to the client list you’ve set up, automatically engaging, entertaining, and educating your clients. Then, last but certainly not least, there’s the plain and simple ol’ collection of client contacts you’ve gathered over time, added to an excel spreadsheet that you regularly mark in your calendar and set reminders for yourself to keep in touch with your contacts… 

Whatever method you choose, email is ‘tried and true’ and still one of the most effective ways of keeping in touch with your regulars, so they don’t forget you and it’s also a powerful way to gain new ones, by tucking special offers and demos ‘under the noses’ of potential new clients that subscribe to your email, which will become an evergrowing component of gaining clients in your strategic marketing reach. All social media posts you create should give potential clients the opportunity to subscribe to your emails. 

Keep in mind, in order to engage and entertain, your emails shouldn’t always just be about you and the services you provide… your clients are human beings too and we all love personal opinions, helpful hints, and most of all, personal stories of learning and ‘aha’ moments! If you're informative, educational, and funny, your regulars and potential clients will grow to love, know, and trust you!

Q: How often should I follow up?

Get in touch every 4-6 weeks to stay in front of people and remain ‘top of mind’... remember your clients are busy people too...

Top Email Tip: Ensure you use links in your emails as well, as your links will help to ‘close the circuit’ bringing traffic back to your webpage, or take your new client to your demos or maybe even to a site profile you’ve set up, ensuring you continually build traffic, point potential clients to your sites and your special offers.

Q: Rinse and repeat...

Never forget, your success is hammered out on the anvil of small daily habits... Email is just another beneficial habit that will add to your traffic, your business inquiries, and your bottom line!

If you are prepared to put in the work required to set up and regularly send out your emails, you’ll find it’s not an ‘outdated method of marketing at all, but in fact, a super- valuable tool to connect with new clients that need you! It’s also a great way to engage, inform, and entertain your current clients and to stay top of mind... 

If you need help in marketing your voiceover business via email, book a session with me: Voice Over Coaching

To your ongoing voiceover success, 
Anthony Pica