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Where I Earn My Voice Over Money - 8 Different Options

Oct 19, 2020

With all of the information out there on how to get more clients for your voice over business, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you the sources that are bringing me "Actual" work.

This list is not in any order and I will refrain from giving you money totals, since those vary from week to week, month to month, but every source listed here is bringing me money on a regular basis for VOICE OVER

Let's dive in ...

1. Upwork 

This is a freelance website that is free to join and find business. The general premise of the website is as follows: Businesses come to the website looking for a freelancer to complete a job. 

They post the job on the website and wait for freelancers to send proposals on their job offer. 

We, as freelancers, search out the related jobs, send proposals to the buyers, and they either accept our proposal or not. If they do, we complete the work to their specs and deliver. 

When that is completed, we are paid through Upwork's escrow account

I am currently making money from this website monthly as a voice-over artist. On a side note, Upwork does charge a monthly fee to buy more access to work. However, the current cost is well worth it. 

2. VoiceJungle

This website is an "Intermediary". Basically, if VoiceJungle accepts you onto their roster, they will send your work and you either accept it or deny it. 

VoiceJungle handles the clients and the transfer of money. They deal with all of the issues, and because of this, they take a cut of the work. 

However, this is nice because you are basically sent work and paid once you are finished. You do nothing else. 

I am currently making good money through this website every month and it does not cost anything to be accepted. However, it can take a while to be put on their roster. 

3. ACX

ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange and is owned and operated by Audible. ACX doesn't get much credit for this, but they really changed the landscape for voice actors. 

On this website, authors and publishers/rights holders come and publish their offers to work with an audiobook narrator. 

As a freelancer, you go to this website and audition for these audiobooks. Once you audition and are chosen, there are a variety of ways you can make money. From royalties to a per finished hour rate, ACX is a great place to start out. 

I am making money every month from books I voiced years ago. There is no cost or acceptance on this website. You do have to upload your files to the specs that ACX requires but they run over those for you. 

4. Fiverr

No matter what you have heard, Fiverr has become one of the most highly trafficked websites for freelancers, including voice over actors, to find work at any level. 

On Fiverr, you post an offer (GIG), and Fiverr markets you and the other freelancers on the website to the world. 

People come to the website and search for freelancers to help them. Once they find your offer or offers, they purchase from you directly through the website. 

Fiverr currently is the only website that directly links clients to voice actors through an algorithm and does not require the freelancer to chase the client. Because of this, it has become extremely popular. Also, it has generated much controversy because of the openness of pricing and offerings. 

For me, I make an extreme amount of money every month from this website. 

5. The Voice Realm

This is a Pay to Play website, which means you pay a fee to join and they send you invitations to audition for their clients. 

The Voice Realm was started in the UK but is now based in the United States. Basically, as you are accepted on this website and pay the fee, you are sent auditions that match your descriptions and style. 

Once you audition, if the client chooses you, you deliver the work and The Voice Realm will pay you directly to your account. 

I make money every month from The Voice Realm. However, recently, questions have been raised regarding the management of The Voice Realm and the secrecy of the ownership, including possibly false claims of testimonials, etc. 

I can't confirm or deny these allegations, but I still make money here and they are a legal company in the USA, for now. 

6. Email Marketing

This is an oldie but goldie. Email marketing is simple enough ... we search for companies online that we think would use our services and we email them our info. 

As time goes on, and more and more people use email marketing, the open rates of emails have dropped a great deal. 

BUT ...

Email marketing is still considered one of the most effective ways to find work

I am making money every month from email marketing, including repeat customers that I have gained from email marketing in the past

 7. Social Media

Through social media, marketing has opened to any freelancer/small business. Moreover, a person can go from being unknown to a celebrity overnight. 

For voice actors, social media is a great place to find prospects (businesses) that need our services. Through building relationships, this can be an extremely lucrative way to get business.

Every month, I make money through my social media efforts. Without social media, I am not sure many of us would be here today in our businesses from home. 

8. Business Website

Most voice actors are told that a one-page website is what we need, like a glorified business card. I, like many others, started with a one-page website that was simple and sleek looking. 

Of course, I did not receive any business from my website

It wasn't until I started building out my website with my blog, resources, ways to purchase directly from me, etc. that I started to receive business. 

Currently, my website brings in voice-over work every month from people that find me on the internet. On a side note ... this is not something that happened overnight and has taken me years! 

When you add all of these sources up, it generates over 6 figures a year in voice over. 

These websites have their unique attributes that we must figure out to be successful on them, but once you do, these are great options for a FREELANCE VOICE ACTOR! 

If you would like to learn more about growing your business through these platforms, set up a coaching session here.

To your continued success,