1-On-1 Voice Over Coaching

This is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching from Anthony for your voice over business. Any questions you have about your voice over business, anthony can help you grow. 

Working directly with voice over artists is my favorite part of coaching. I work with big groups of voice actors, build courses, and do a variety of videos, podcasts, etc., but working directly with voice over artists and brainstorming solutions to their questions remains my most cherished job.

Thank you for your consideration in working with me. 

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More About Anthony And Coaching

I started my voice over journey over 4 years ago, with a $40 microphone and a sound booth made out of pvc pipe and packing blankets. I made my first pop filter out of a wire coat hanger and old panty hose. 

Despite the low level of sophistication, I was convinced I could be an audiobook narrator and video game character voice actor. So, I started auditioning on ACX, joined Fiverr, Upwork, Bunny Studio, Facebook groups, social media, and whatever I could. At one point, I remember email Blizzards customer service asking if they needed voice actors. I did whatever I could and grew my business to over 6 figures annually (I did not work with Blizzard, however, lol)

I would like to say it was easy, but it was far from it. But through my stumbles in building my voice over business, I learned so many valuable lessons. Now I can pass that knowledge on. 

My hope through these coaching sessions, is to help you learn from my wins and mistakes, so you can grow your voice over business faster, and larger than where you are today. 

Even though building this business and going full time as a voiceover artist has been one of the most rewarded parts of my life, helping and teaching others remains my calling

* After teaching for over 12 years as a acting teacher, director, and technical director, it has been a joy to help 100's of voice over actors with performance, DAW understanding and use, audio formatting and editing, marketing, and business systems. 

I look forward to working with you and helping you take your voice-over business to the next level

What You Can Expect:

- 1-On-1 Attention

60 minutes of one-on-one direction by Anthony Pica based on your questions for voice acting, marketing, or processing your audio. Anthony will help you organize your efforts and walk you through clear steps to completion.

- Recorded Video

After we are done with our session, I will render the video and you will get the recording sent to you via email or Wetransfer. This usually takes 24 hours, but I endeavor to get the video file to you as soon as possible.

- Ask Any Voice Over Question

Bring any voice over question to our session, and I will help you with it, using my 20 years of acting and voice over experience. Whether it is about marketing or technical questions, I can give you the answers your looking for. 

1-On-1 Voice Over Coaching

Let me help you grow your voice over business with 1-on-1 help with whatever you need to know. My years of experience can help you build your business and get you through your challenges. Click the button below to book a session with Anthony. 

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