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3 Demo Options

🎙 Bronze Demo Package

This option Includes:

🎧  Pre-written scripts with 6-10 spots

🎧  One 30-minute coaching session with Anthony giving advice for how to read the scripts for maximum effect to get the most work. 

🎧  Full demo production w/ music and sfx. 

(You will receive your scripts and after the coaching session, you will record the spots in your home studio and send back 3 takes of each. These will then go to our production team to edit, master, and build your demo)


$350 - Continue Here

🎙 Silver Coaching/Directing Demo Package

This option Includes:

🎧  Pre-written scripts with 6-10 spots

🎧  One 30-minute coaching session with Anthony giving advice for how to read the scripts for maximum effect to get the mos work

🎧  1-hour directed session with Anthony 

🎧  Full demo production w/ music and sfx

(Once you sign up, you will be given a list of dates for your coaching and directed sessions.)

$500 - Continue Here

🎙 Gold Coaching Demo Elite Package

This Option Includes:

🎧  1 Pre-written scripts with 6-10 spots

🎧  One 30-minute coaching session with Anthony giving advice for how to read the scripts for maximum effect to get the most work

🎧  1-hour coaching sessions with Anthony

🎧  Full demo production w/ music and sfx

🎧  Video Demo Fully Produced (Up to 1:15 of video)

(Once you sign up, you will be given a link to sign up for your first 30-minute session)


$850 - Continue Here

Video Demo Example (Nikky Griffiths)


Check Out These Samples


A Great Voice Over Demo Is Key To Getting Voiceover Jobs

The most important marketing tool you have, as a voice talent, is your voice over demo. With a well-written demo script, personalized direction, authentic recordings, professionally produced audio, and top-level service, your demo will bring in the voice over jobs you are looking for.

When I first started on my journey as a voice actor, I watched videos about demos and everything else I could get my hands on. Needless to say, it was overwhelming. I didn't even know what a pop filter was, let alone side-chain compression and why that was necessary for me to get a voiceover job.

But as time went on, I learned more and more about processing my own audio. I got better at voice acting and audio production. Scriptwriting became a passion of mine. I found a super talented audio engineer, built a great work relationship, and decided to launch my own demo service to help others side-step all of the learning and mistakes I made in creating my own demos.


A voiceover demo is a collection of short voice over samples revolving around a specific theme. The total length is usually between 60 seconds to 75 seconds and is on one mp3 or WAV file. The samples are usually a mix of different styles you can offer as a voice talent.

Casting directors and potential clients are always expecting a well-produced audio file. It's extremely important to keep the listener engaged in your talent, not distracted by poor mixing.

It is also important to make sure your demo includes the right words. Often, the scripts themselves are overlooked. Being a professional voice actor is more than just sounding professional, your words need to inspire people as well.

At A VO's Journey Demo Productions, we believe in great productions and inspiring words.

We tailor each voice over script to the demo you are purchasing, such as:

  • Commercial
  • Video Games
  • Video Narration
  • Audiobook
  • Medical Narration
  • Corporate Narration
  • Elearning
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Meditation
  • Podcast Intro/Outro
  • Phone System and IVR
  • Explainer
  • Promo

*We are also offering video demos. Please ask about this service.

All of these genres can be turned into a demo.


We will write your script for you and make it completely unique. All you have to do is show up and record your voice over. But there is more to the script than just picking fancy words.

You want to have a demo that inspires people to "want to buy" from you. If you can't inspire them with your words, you won't be able to get their business.

We spend time studying the trends and since we are actively doing voice overs, we know what is selling and what is not. This gives us a unique perspective when creating your demo scripts.

Here is an example: If you live in New York City or Los Angles, you will most likely have a different idea of what a demo should sound like. Also, where you are selling your voiceover services and who you are selling them to, will change the sound of your demo as well.

We will ask you the right questions to figure out the right script for you and your demo.


Every voiceover demo should be formatted in a specific way. Since voice actors have an average of 1 second to 3 seconds to capture the attention of the listener, your demo needs to have your best material front and center. Your best should be first.

After your first slot, showing contrasting voice overs further your depth and ability as a voice talent.

This is no easy feat, and we take it seriously. Because getting this right, can be the difference between you landing a great voice gig, and getting the, "Better luck next time" message.

Showing your range as a voiceover artist can also give you notoriety. Acting is difficult. The more you bring to the table and we can highlight, the more people will remember you and hire you.


Because people's attention spans are so low, we have to be aware of their ability to focus online for a drawn-out period. So, we also deliver to you each file broken into single demo showreels, each highlighting your ability in a single spot.

This is free of charge and comes at the same time your fully completed demo arrives.


Music is the icing on the cake. Think of a great cake, and the center of the cake is your performance.

You cannot have a cake without a center. Now think of what makes the cake shiny; the icing and decorations make the cake unique and appealing.

Without the icing, you still can have a great cake, but it won't be very appealing, and won't garner attention.

So, you don't need music, but we highly recommend it and include music and special effects in all of our demos, unless otherwise instructed.


There is no doubt that voice over is hard. And before you spend money on a demo, you want to make sure you are ready. Practicing is the best way to prepare yourself and we highly recommend it.

To help you with this, our demo sessions are set up to DIRECT and INSTRUCT. It is important to us that you are ready and get the best demo possible. Your ability to perform is key to the overall production.

If you are worried about feeling ready, contact us and send a sample. We would love to give you some feedback.


Our process is simple: We meet, practice the scripts we have written for you, record through directed sessions via Zoom or Skype, and process your audio by editing, mixing, and mastering.

We then deliver those files back to you in roughly 7 days to 10 days.

Here is what you need in order to work with us:

  • Microphone
  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
  • Computer
  • Camera (Not necessary but it makes things easier)
  • Headphones / earphones

It's really that simple. You record on your end while we direct you from our end. Then you send us the files and we do the rest.


As you are building your voice over business, your success with be determined by your range.

Here are some important voice over demos to start with:


The commercial demo is your main demo. No matter what job you are going for, and in what genre, your commercial demo will normally lead the way. A commercial demo consists of your bread and butter work with your "Money voice" as I call it.

This is the style that you plan on using the most and making the most money with. We help you with this step to ensure you are headed down the right path.


If the voice-over industry broke down the amount of work voice actors completed on a yearly basis, e-learning would be at the very top.

This includes medical, corporate, ESL, mechanical, cybersecurity, and so much more. A great e-learning demo can drive massive business your way.


Animation and character demos have become a staple for many freelance voice actors. Since the rise of the home studio, video game producers and creators have been hard at work building a new indie video production empire.

A great animation demo and/or character demo can position you perfectly to capitalize on this market trend.


Audiobooks are being consumed at such a high rate, the publishing industry can't keep up. This is great news for us. With so much demand, supply can't keep up, which means more jobs available at great rates.

To make sure you get a piece of this pie, a great audiobook demo is where you need to be. We often put together contrasting spots ranging from 3 to 4 samples, usually including first-person narration, third-person narration, and dialogue-rich excerpts.


Make no mistake, podcasts are here to stay. Not only are they here, but podcasts are crushing it. Part of a voice actor's job is knowing where there is potential business, who are the decision-makers of those businesses, and how to appeal to them. Podcast demos are a great way to show potential podcast owners and producers what you can offer them and how you can elevate their work.


The only thing left to do now is: Get Your Voice Over Demo Produced!

If you would like to get your voiceover demo produced, please order here or feel free to message us with any questions.

Remember, your voice over demo is your calling card, your headshot, your marketing stand, and your audition, all rolled into a 60-second slot.

It is our job to make you shine and we are super excited to get started on your demo today! 

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