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How to Land Voice-Over Jobs with No Experience (7+ Sites to Try)

Jul 14, 2023
How to Land Voice-Over Jobs with No Experience (7+ Sites to Try)

Voice-over work is a broad field with plenty of job opportunities. It spans a variety of industries and mediums – from commercials and animated films to video games and audiobooks – and each area requires a unique set of skills and styles. All this to say: the voice-over industry is always in need of fresh and diverse talent.

But what if you're a newcomer with no experience?

Sure, breaking into the voice-over industry without experience may seem daunting. However, in today's digital era, there are tons of digital platforms available that can help you get started. Not only do these provide a space to showcase your talent, but they’re also a great space to help you connect with potential employers seeking fresh voices.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here…

For now, let’s kick things off by learning more about how to secure no-experience voice-over jobs and the top sites to get started.


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Understanding No Experience Voice-Over Jobs

Before we dig into the topic of looking for work and getting gigs, it’s important to cover our basics. Specifically, what is voice-over acting and what it entails.

Put simply, voice-over work involves providing voices for a multitude of media types, including commercials, films, video games, and more. In essence, your job as a voice-over actor is to bring scripts to life using the power of your voice.

Contrary to common belief, you don't necessarily need much (if any!) formal experience to start in this industry. In fact, many successful voice actors began their journey with nothing more than a passion for the craft and a willingness to learn.

To be clear, however, this doesn’t imply that you can wander into auditions without any preparation. The industry, while welcoming to newcomers, still upholds a certain level of professional standards. This means that even if you're currently looking for no-experience voice-over jobs, being prepared and understanding the basics of the craft can set you apart from other beginners. 

After all, preparation can be the difference between being seen as an amateur or a promising new talent.


The Top 4 Skills You Need for No-Experience Voice-Over Jobs infographic


The Top 4 Skills You Need for No-Experience Voice-Over Jobs

As mentioned above, while previous experience isn't mandatory, certain skills can increase your chances of landing a voice-over job without professional experience:

1. Voice Control

In the realm of voice-over acting, voice control is your cornerstone. In short, voice control has to do with the finesse with which you can manipulate the many facets of your voice to align with a wide array of characters, scenarios, or emotions. Altering pitch and tone, for example, can help you shape your voice to suit everything from the shrill excitement of a cartoon character to the hushed urgency of a suspenseful audiobook. Alternatively, by practicing variations in accents, you can adapt to scripts that demand certain regional or international flavors. In essence, voice control is your tool for vocal versatility.

2. Acting Skills

Although your face and body may not be visible, voice-over work is inextricably linked with the craft of acting. However, unlike screen actors, voice actors rely solely on their vocal cords to breathe life into their characters. The ability to infuse your voice with the right emotions – be it bubbling joy, seething anger, or profound sadness – is crucial to creating a believable character or scenario. Think of it this way: you're painting a picture with your voice, and acting skills are your palette.

3. Reading Skills

When it comes to voice-over, reading is not merely the act of speaking out the words on a page – it's an art in itself. Possessing a natural, fluid reading style can transform even the most mundane scripts into captivating narratives. This skill includes mastering clear enunciation and ensuring that every word lands as intended without sounding overly rehearsed. The ability to maneuver the rhythm, pacing, and timing of your reading can provide an authentic and engaging listening experience.

4. Technical Skills

In an increasingly digital world, technical know-how is an undeniable asset for voice-over actors, particularly for those who intend to work remotely. A basic understanding of recording equipment – from microphones to audio interfaces – can help ensure your voice is captured clearly and accurately. Moreover, being able to navigate audio recording and editing software can help you when it comes time to create polished, professional-quality voice-over samples. This skill set allows you more control over your work and significantly streamlines the recording process.

7+ Sites to Try for Finding No-Experience Voice-Over Jobs

Embracing the digital landscape opens up a wealth of opportunities for aspiring voice actors. 

Acting as a global marketplace, the internet has plenty of working and growing platforms where upcoming and seasoned voice-over talent can connect with demand, regardless of geographical constraints. 

Whether you're just getting started on your voice-over journey or looking to diversify your existing portfolio, online platforms are invaluable tools in helping you land your first gig.

Let's take a look at some of the most recommended platforms that can assist you in finding no-experience voice-over jobs:


Considered a giant in the voice-over industry, Voices.com serves as a global marketplace for voice-over work spanning across various categories. 

This platform allows you to create a professional profile, upload your demos, and apply for suitable jobs, creating a direct line between you and potential clients.


Fiverr is an extremely versatile platform that empowers freelancers to offer their services globally. 

As a voice-over artist, you can set up your own services, define your rates, and showcase your talents to a broad audience, making it a great platform to start your voice-over journey when you’re still trying to find your footing.


Catering to a wide spectrum of voice-over projects, Voice123 operates on a subscription model and provides unlimited access to auditions for its members.

The platform is designed to act as a bridge, linking voice talent with producers, advertising agencies, and others seeking voice-over services.

Bunny Studio

A platform that values quality and skill, Bunny Studio – formerly Voice Bunny – has a tight and demanding screening process to ensure only the best talent is presented to clients. 

Once accepted, you can tap into a broad array of voice-over opportunities, increasing your exposure to potential clients.


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If you're looking for an international experience, Voquent is a great choice. 

Well-known within the voice acting industry for its warm and welcoming community, Voquent opens the door to voice-over jobs from around the globe, adding an interesting twist to your voice-over career.


Another platform well-known in the freelance sector, Upwork hosts a variety of voice-over jobs for all levels of experience. 

With the freedom to apply for projects that align with your skillset and interests, you can tailor your experience on Upwork to suit your professional goals.


Specializing in the world of audiobooks, ACX is the perfect platform for those interested in narrating stories. 

Whether you're bringing to life a thrilling mystery or a historical biography, ACX can help you launch your voice-over career in audiobook narration.

Building Your Portfolio: The First Step Towards Gaining Experience

Building out a credible voice-over portfolio is the foundation for your journey toward gaining experience and making a name for yourself in the world of voice acting. 

Your portfolio (or demo reel) serves as a tangible representation of your skillset, and it demonstrates your ability to bring characters and narratives to life effectively. 

That said, a successful portfolio should include:

  • A professionally recorded demo reel that serves as an audio display of your talent. 
  • Samples that showcase your vocal range and show off your ability to transition smoothly between different pitches and tones.
  • Clips of distinct character portrayals that evidence your versatility and adaptability in voicing diverse roles.
  • Excerpts that highlight your adeptness at conveying emotion, showing your potential to bring scripts to life.

And always remember that maintaining high quality in both recording and performance within your demo reel will signal your commitment and professionalism to prospective employers.

Training Opportunities for Voice-Over Work

While talent plays a significant role in securing no-experience voice-over work, professional training can often be the difference between a good performance and an exceptional one. 

Taking advantage of online courses, workshops, and mentorship programs can provide valuable insights into the technicalities of voice modulation, control, and characterization. 

Courses and training like the ones we provide at A VO’s Journey offer comprehensive resources designed to help refine your skills and deepen your understanding of the industry's nuances. 

Investing in voice acting coaching or professional training can not only equip you with the tools to deliver compelling performances, but it can also give you an edge in a highly competitive industry that’ll help you stand out from the crowd.


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Networking in the Voice-Over Industry

In addition to getting the proper training and upskilling, making connections and building relationships within the voice-over industry can also open even more doors and create new opportunities. 

Becoming a member of industry-related groups and forums, attending conferences and workshops, and actively engaging with online communities are just some of the many ways you, as a beginner, can establish your presence and broaden your professional network. 

Additionally, social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook also host numerous groups where aspiring voice actors looking for no-experience voice-over jobs can connect with industry veterans and fellow enthusiasts. 

Becoming a voice actor isn’t just about finding work – it’s about fostering relationships, learning from others' experiences, and becoming a part of the broader voice-over community.

Final Thoughts: Taking Your First Steps in the Voice-Over Industry

Let’s say it like it is: voice-over work is a challenging yet rewarding career path. Nonetheless, despite initial hurdles, staying persistent and passionate about what you do can open doors to opportunities – even if you have no formal experience. 

No matter how many “No” or rejections you get, never stop exploring or learning, and most importantly, keep practicing. 


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Your unique voice has the potential to bring scripts to life, and the world of no-experience voice-over jobs awaits your talent!

Everyone starts somewhere, and your journey into voice-over work might just be a click away.