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How to Get Started in Voice Over - These Will Help

May 01, 2020


  1. What’s really important to start?
  2. What’re your goals? 
  3. What’s your niche?
  4. Resources
  5. Equipment required
Ok, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and ‘get down to business’...
The business of Voice over! (cue angelic voices in chorus…) You've thought about it a lot, a way to make some extra money, a path to superstardom, an alternative to your 9 to 5 grind but there are questions to answer and I’ve laid them out for you to make your first steps a lot easier…

What’s really important to start?

If I was to get started  in voice-over again, the first thing I’d do is:
The reason this comes first is that doing this one thing could point you in the right direction and assess how much work you’ll need to do coaching wise before you could consider yourself commercially viable… expecting to be born with all the talent and skills required to develop your own voiceover business would be premature and naive!
Next, let’s talk about GOALS…

What are your goals?

Goals you ask? Why do I need goals? Isn’t this just about selling my voice?

Well, without a simple plan, you really don’t know what you're working towards or who to ‘sell’ your voiceover services to.

Your ‘goal’ for example, could be to make say, 10 contacts per day to build your business... plain and simple… So, now you have a goal! and you can develop and build that goal, adding to it as your voiceover business grows.

What’s your niche?

Before we get too deeply into this, maybe we should discuss the term ‘niche’… what is a niche anyway? and what’s mine?

A ‘niche’ is your area of expertise,

which could be anything from recording voiceovers for videos or audiobooks or whiteboard explainers or you may specialize in real estate narration…

Something important to consider: Your niche initially is, what clients seem to most frequently employ you for. 

Me? It’s emotional reads mostly… you? Who knows? It could very well be corporate explainer videos.
Don’t let this concern you too much as you can broaden your ‘areas of expertise’ as your business develops. Yes Ace, you can have more than one ‘niche’.


There are so many resources available to the new voice artist, It’s hard to know what’s useful and what’s not…

The Web is ‘awash’ with courses a-plenty! Some with new information, some with old and outdated tools and tricks…

But it also has relevant and very useful information from working voiceover talent, mentors, coaches who are honest, affordable, and sincere in their approach... 

That’s why I’d point you to a coach or mentor that currently makes a living doing what you want to do… A voiceover coach that has ‘runs on the board’ and who successfully works at making voice overs for their varied and happy clients.  

This brings me to my last point,

Equipment Required

If you’ve seriously considered the cost of setting up your voiceover business you’ve probably come to the conclusion that quality voiceover items are going to be costly.

You’ll be pleasantly pleased to know that you can get yourself ‘organized, operational, and in business’ for under a thousand dollars.

So here’s the basic list: 

(which should come with some guidance and training on how to use your new gear!)


Keep in mind, This basic list can be updated and expanded upon once you start to make some profit from your growing voiceover business but the above will certainly get you started… 

Still a little lost as to where to start? CLICK HERE to find out more about set-ups, Hobo forts, affordable audio equipment, audio software and Anthony’s Audio Suggestions.

To your continued voiceover success,

Anthony Pica  

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