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Good Scripts to Practice Voice Acting - Practice Is Everything

Nov 01, 2019

Finding good scripts is hard, especially ones that give us the “real-life” practice we need to grow as voice actors.

However, do not lose hope, I have put together three tips and tricks you can use to get good scripts to practice voice acting like a rock star (If rock stars practiced voice acting, that is).

A quick note: Whenever you practice, make the most of it and spend a little extra time creating a process that you will follow from beginning to end.

Think of a golfer. Every time they step up to the ball, they have their ritual to bring them to that perfect moment of relaxation, remembrance, and creation. The same goes for us. Start to create a process where you get a script (copy), and you read, research, find your voice, deliver, analyze, modify, edit, master, format, and send off.

This is my method, but you can create your own. Practicing voice acting this way is called "targeted practice."

** Three tips and tricks for finding and creating good practice scripts.

Method #1: YouTube - A great way to find scripts.

Go to a commercial, video, anime, movie, eLearning, corporate video, or brand video, and find the transcript.

Locate the three little dots under the video and click on it.

If the creator clicked on “closed captions,” which most do, YouTube automatically transcribes the video; Instant script and context.


Method #2: Junk Ads - Use junk ads that come to you by mail, email, stores, etc.

Any junk ads that come to you don’t throw them away; instead, use the sales copy on them and write it down. 

From that sales copy, construct your practice scripts.

All commercials voice-over ads are sales copy, read out loud.

Method #3: Websites - Brand websites are excellent for finding well-funded sales copy

Pick your favorite brands and go to their sites.

Copy different keywords and sales-copy from these websites and put them into a script format.

Use the sites to research what the brand is about, so there is the context behind your read.

These are the three methods that I use all the time to come up with practice scripts for myself and my voice-acting students. Remember, try to create a pattern to how you go about reading your text, and it will create more consistency in your reads as well. The laser-focused practice is the way to go.





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