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5 DIFFERENT Ways to Market Your Voice Over Business Part 1 - Everything You Need To Know

Nov 23, 2020

Marketing, marketing, marketing ... It's the craze these days. Everyone's talking about marketing. And let's be honest, for good reason. Marketing is the single most important activity you can engage in to grow your business. 

So, to that end, I have decided to write a 5 part series on 5 different types of marketing styles you can use to grow your business. 

Each one of these styles I have used myself and I will also be doing a corresponding YouTube video and podcast with them (I will link to those below). 

My hope is this series will help you better understand what you can do to grow your business and empower you with the tools to get you there :)

Let's dive in!

Marketing Style Part 1: 


If you know anything about me, this is my favorite way to leverage OPM (Other Peoples Money) and OPT (Other Peoples Time).

When we first start out, we don't have money to invest in paid advertising, so we must find ways to leverage other people's money and time instead. 

Currently, there is no better way to achieve the goal of free marketing directly to voice over clients, than Freelance websites. 

First, what is a Freelance Website?

A freelance website allows you to post your voice over services for their clients to see and purchase.

In return, you pay the websites a percentage of the price you receive from the client to the website for marketing, platform upkeep, customer service, etc. 

But one of the most defining factors of a voice-over Freelance website is that they are FREE TO JOIN! 

You still pay on the backend, but it costs you nothing to get started. 

How do Freelance Websites work?

Freelance websites either have you post your services in the form of a gig, which is planned out offers with pricing, descriptions, examples of your work, extras that clients can purchase, FAQs, demos, messaging, etc.

Or, these websites allow customers to post their jobs in a format that describes who they are looking for, what they need, budget, contact info, credibility, etc. and we, the voice actors, send proposals with samples of our work to the clients so they can decide if they want to work with us

What are some Freelance Websites I can join?

Here is a list of some of the most popular Freelance Websites you can join right now, in no particular order:

  1. Fiverr (Gig Based)
  2. Upwork (Proposal Based)
  3. ACX (Audiobooks)
  4. People Per Hour (Gig and Proposal Based)
  5. Voquent (Post your samples for free and Voquent markets you)

This list is not anywhere close to being exhaustive, because there are 100's of websites out there. But I find that these websites are among the most trafficked and therefore, the most useful to join. 

Being successful on these websites, especially since they are free, will be determined by the amount of time you put into making yourself stand out.

I want to make sure you focus your efforts on STANDING OUT! 

One way to do that is to fill everything out in your profiles. Have great thumbnail pictures of yourself, and don't leave anything not completed. 

People will choose to work with you if they trust you, and the best way to get trust is by showing people you care enough to fill everything out

Thanks again for reading Part 1 of the 5 DIFFERENT Ways To Market Your Voice Over Business. 

Here is the link to the video of me talking about the 5 different freelance websites you can sign-up for - 5 Different Freelance Websites You Can Sign Up For

Here is the link to the podcast of me talking about my experiences with each - A VO's Journey Podcast

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of success.