What Price Does Your Voice Over Brand Command?

May 12, 2020

“So, just in case you didn’t know it yet, you’re a can of soup”…

“What? How do you come to that conclusion?”

“Well, you have a label, don’t you? And content? And you’re attracted to some, but maybe not to others, for all sorts of reasons… and you’ve got a price! 

But who sets that price? YOU? Or your market? Or both?...

All good questions that we will explore in this article, What price does your Brand command?

Not sure if you’ve struck upon it yet, but there will come a time in your VO journey when someone tells you:

1. They like your voice and

2. They’d like you to forward your rate card…

I don’t think, in all my years as a voice talent, when I’ve sent my rate card to someone, they’ve emailed back and said Great! I love your rates! Here’s a Voiceover job for you! 

There’s usually some form of negotiation that takes place, which brings up a good...

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Voice Over Talent Rates

Nov 15, 2019

There is no doubt that voice-over rates cause more havoc in our small VO community than anything else. When I first started in voice-over, I stepped right in the middle of it with people telling don't charge too much and others telling me to charge more. 

I certainly had no idea what to expect for pricing. I heard things like don't undervalue yourself, and make sure you are not cutting the industry. 

Whenever we try to put a price on someone, with the caveat of, "How much am I worth"? It strikes a real cord, on a personal level.

You can't value someone, that is impossible. The conversation always goes to this. 

But to me, this is the mistake that most of us are making. We keep looking at pricing as a function of what WE are worth and not a representation of what our BUSINESSES are worth.

If you haven't had a chance yet, listen to our latest episode of A VO's Journey Podcast here with an interview with Philip Chryssikos.

This needs to be talked about more, and it...

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