3 Pro Tips For Setting Up Your Fiverr Gig

Mar 06, 2019

Having coached many voice actors getting started on Fiverr, and even veterans, the greatest issue they have is with the setup of their gig.

In this post, I talk about 3 Pro Tips for setting up your Fiverr Gig right.

Pro Fiverr Tip #1: Title

Setting up your title correctly is imperative. Think of your title as what someone would type in the search box.

If you try to shove too many words (keywords) into your title, it will sound unnatural and won't cast you in a professional light.

Your title should include a possible searched phrase like ... "I Will Record An American Female Voice Over".  

Straight to the point and a possible customer might type in "American Female Voice Over".

Pro Fiverr Tip #2: Description

The next part of your Fiverr gig setup is your description.

Using your title, you want to answer the following questions in your description box:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. How

These questions will give you a direction to go. If you answer...

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