What Price Does Your Voice Over Brand Command?

May 12, 2020

“So, just in case you didn’t know it yet, you’re a can of soup”…

“What? How do you come to that conclusion?”

“Well, you have a label, don’t you? And content? And you’re attracted to some, but maybe not to others, for all sorts of reasons… and you’ve got a price! 

But who sets that price? YOU? Or your market? Or both?...

All good questions that we will explore in this article, What price does your Brand command?

Not sure if you’ve struck upon it yet, but there will come a time in your VO journey when someone tells you:

1. They like your voice and

2. They’d like you to forward your rate card…

I don’t think, in all my years as a voice talent, when I’ve sent my rate card to someone, they’ve emailed back and said Great! I love your rates! Here’s a Voiceover job for you! 

There’s usually some form of negotiation that takes place, which brings up a good...

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How To Create Content For Your Voice Over Brand

Nov 26, 2019

How To Tell Your Voice Acting Story

Learning how to tell your brand story can be pretty hard.

So I wanted to come up with a video today sharing with you an easy way for you to create a piece of content every single day that you can spread across all of the different platforms. All you have to do is start recording your voiceover sessions.

In the video, I talk about how you can create great content. This is an excellent way for you to start growing your social influence and building a body of voice-over work.

Then what will happen is people will find the work that you have done and want to hire you because of the fantastic work that you have completed.

P.S. There are a million and one questions you could ask about creating your content. All of these questions would be valid and could be answered. The problem with this idea of analysis before you start is that the rabbit hole goes on forever and ever. 

You have to start and let figure it out along the way! 

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