ACX: The Complete Guide For Voice Over Artists

When I started my voice over journey 5 years ago, I wanted to be an audiobook narrator. I was a big fan of non-fiction self-improvement audiobooks and I listened to them everyday. 

On my birthday, I decided I wanted to get back into performing, but I didn't want to travel around searching for acting jobs. 

I happened to see a YouTube video speaking about ACX and how anyone could be an audiobook narrator. So, I went out and bought a $40 microphone and packing blankets with PVC pipe and constructed my first recording booth. I called it my hobo fort. 

When I started on ACX I found that recording audiobooks was harder than I thought, but after 100's of audiobooks later, I decided to help others learn all they could about ACX and audiobook narrating, editing, formatting, etc. so they wouldn't have to go through what I did.

This course will help you sidestep all those things that I stepped on, especially at the beginning of my journey. 

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Anthony Discusses The Course

How this course can help you


"I just finished up with Anthony Pica’s ACX course! It’s 🔥!!!! I wasn’t sure what to do because I don’t have much experience. But I trusted AP’s experience. Especially since I took his other course. I just signed up on Fiverr Saturday and I’ve gotten 3 jobs. I knew pretty much knew nothing about ACX. Now I have a profile and I know I’m going to get work. The course was easy to understand, thorough, yet not time consuming. All I can say is thanks again for another great product."

Missy Sumoski
Voice Over Artist

ACX: A Complete Guide For Voice Over Artists

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What we’ll cover in this course...

  • How to get started on ACX with setting up your Profile and Settings Correctly
    I will show you how to set up your profile and setting correctly so that you can present yourself as a professional who know what they are doing, even you are just starting out. We will go over the About section, Credits, and Awards and Recognition. I will show you what to write so you don’t look like an amateur.
  • How to find the right books to audition for, upload an audition, and show the research that goes behind winning those auditions
    I show you what to type in for all of the search criteria, how to sort the books that are right for you, where to do your research and what to look for in your research. I will also show you how to tailor your audition and messages to the rights holder that will give you a leg up with the competition. T
  • How to submit your audio files for publication on Audible
    I go through how to submit your 15 minute sample, and then how to submit a book to be approved for Audible. I use an actual book that I am submitting for final approval so you can see how it is really done.
  • Format your files ACX Standards so you always get approved
    One of the biggest questions I get is how to format audio files to ACX standards. The ACX QA team is relentless and I will show you how to never be afraid of them again.
  • Bonus Content: How to use ACX and Amazon to find audiobook publishers and authors that you can submit to for work.
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