Your First Voice Over Set Up Course

This course is designed to help you get set up with your first voice over booth, mic, interface, equipment, etc. I show you everything you need to do to get set up from scratch. 


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Your first microphone for voice over

Your First Microphone

I show you options for your first microphone and my recommendations on affordable but quality choices. This where all of us start.

Your first interface for voice over

Equipment and Behind The Scenes

I show you behind the scenes in my studio and all the equipment I use, down to the table and prower strip. 

Portable voice over studio

Whisperroom and Treatment

In this video, I show you my Whisperroom and the acoustical treatment I use that you can too. Your space is the number one issue you face when you begin. 

Find the right space to record voice over

Lessons You Receive In This Course:

  • Introduction to your first set up
  • 3 booth designs and how to set them up
  • Whisperroom and Acoustical Treatment
  • Equipment and Behind the Scenes
  • Get your first microphone and XLR cord
  • Get your first interface and mounts
  • Get your Kaotica Eyeball for your portable studio
  • Set up and recording 
  • Bonus: Transferring files from your interface

These lessons will help you get started right with an affordable budget. 

You also receive a tour of my personal studio with in-depth views of my space and how you can use that knowledge to build your space. 

Your First Voice Over Set Up!

When I started in VO, I had no idea where to start with my equipment, set up, etc. I wish I had this course ... it would have taken off months of searching. 

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