Voice Over Marketing 101: How To Get Clients Course

This course is designed to show you my 3-step process to growing your voice over business on platforms like, Fiverr/Upwork, email marketing, to social media marketing.


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Voice Over Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks

I give you daily tasks that will generate voice over work and allow you to grow your business on and off platforms.

Freelance websites for voice over

Freelance Websites

Freelance websites is the way to get voice over work quickly. I run you through the whole process. 

Samples for Voice Over

How To Make Samples

I show you step by step how to make video demo samples for social media and email marketing

Here are the courses that are included in Voice Over Marketing 101: How To Get Clients: 

  • The Plan (Outlines the whole marketing strategy)
  • Set-up Freelance Websites (With Templates)
  • Daily Actions To Get Business (Calendar and tracking sheets)
  • Email Marketing (With Templates)
  • Social Media Marketing (With Templates)
  • How To Make Epic Video Samples
  • Lead Measures and KSI's (Tracking is the real secret to success)
  • Putting It All Together

These lessons will set you up with everything you need to build a successful voice over business. 

This is exactly the plan I used to take my business from a $40 microphone and a pvc pipe with packing blankets booth, to a 6-figure voice over business.

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Voice Over Marketing 101: How To Get Clients

Sometimes all you need is a plan to follow, and Voice Over Marketing 101 will guide you step-by-step to getting the voice over work you want. 

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