Upwork 101: How To Make Your First $1000

If you want to get your voice over business off the ground on Upwork this course will help you make your first money. Upwork is a great place to get consistent business


This course walks you through step-by-step to get business as soon as possible. 

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Different Lessons In Upwork 101

Profile set-up for Upwork

Profile Set-up

I show you how to set up your profile correctly so you can impress possible clients and close the deal. 

How to send proposals on Upwork

How To Send Proposals

This is the secret to your success on Upwork and I show you how to do it the right way. 

Master Plan with tracking sheet for Upwork

Master Plan And Tracking

I give you templates and tracking sheets, along with a daily plan that you can follow to guarantee you get work. 

What you get in the Upwork 101 course
  • 5 Videos Detailing How To Make Your First $1000 On Upwork ... And More!
    • How to set up a profile
    • How to set your setting correctly
    • How to send proposals the RIGHT WAY!
    • How to create gigs in the brand new gig section on Upwork
  • Templates For Proposals So You Don't Have To Come Up With Them On Your Own
  • Tracking Sheets And A Marketing Plan For Getting The Most Out Of Upwork

Upwork 101: How To Make Your First $1000

This course is exactly what you need to get voice over work NOW! Get started today! 

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