How To Process Your Audio Like A Pro

How do I edit and master my audio quickly and correctly is the number one question I get asked. So ... I built this course to show you step-by-step how to process your audio like a pro (Even if you are a beginner - I use Adobe Audition to show you my process)


Voice Over is fun ... as long as you can process your audio quickly! 

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Voice Over Audio Library

Audio Library

I got through all the vocabulary you need to understand how to process your audio quickly and professionally. 

Understanding how to use your microphone

Microphone Technique

Processing your audio is easier when your technique produces less problems to be sorted out. 

6-step process audio system

6-Step Process System

I have a method for processing audio that takes less time and less headaches in getting a professional product.

Why is my audio editing so slow

"As I have grown in voice acting, I have found that editing my audio can take me the most time out of anything I do. So, I set out to create a system that I could duplicate over and over again, so my clients would get the very best I had to offer, no matter when I did it, each time.

This course is about showing you that method I created, so you can stop spending hours with editing and mastering, like I did. Deliver a high quality audio file without stress and fear that your clients won't like it."

Anthony Pica

How To Process Your Audio Like A PRO!

This course will help you process your audio quickly and professionally by showing you how to edit, master, and format your files professionally everytime. 

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