How To Make $20K On Fiverr In Voice Over!

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Susan Fouche

I'm so glad I purchased your Fiverr course! I bought it because I wanted to get on Fiverr but was intimidated by all the professional looking voice over profiles, and I didn't think I would get any work. Your Fiverr course was so easy to use. I basically watched your course while setting up my profile and gigs. All of your tips on optimizing Fiverr's search engine were great! And since finishing your course, I've gone back a couple times to review your content when I set up and updated my additional gigs. AND not even 24 hours after setting up my profile and first gig, I got my first order! After a week, I had gotten my return on my investment from your course. Thanks so much for creating this course! Next year I'll be paying tuition for my son's college and my daughter's private school. I had been pretty anxious about how I was going to bring in the extra money. I can tell that Fiverr will fill this need. Thanks again!


Dalton Harrison

Fantastic course! I found it invaluable as a guide for setting up Fiverr. I was trying to do it without any guidance and it was a true struggle, but this course is the light that shines in the dark when all other light has faded.
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Rich Daigle aka Louie Johnson DBA Mouth Almighty!

I did my first VO 18 years ago when all I had to do was run to a studio and read copy. It’s a different world now, where one is self promoting, self directing, self engineering etc.  I love the tech side of things, and really love voice acting, creating characters etc. but I was suffering from a chronic violent allergic reaction to all things regarding marketing and self promotion...but find Anthony’s delivery of these topics, a completely different experience.  If you suffer from the same affliction, and the word “funnel” induces the effects of a tranquilizer dart, or fight or flight response, Anthony Pica is the cure!  His podcast is loaded with great information if you haven’t binged it, I suggest doing so.  While I love other VO podcasts, most should be called “How to become a voice talent 25 years ago”. Anthony’s tips on voice acting, marketing have intrinsic, current, redeeming value TODAY!  I’m a fresh new member of the Fiverr Elite group, and though I’m unable to report instant effect (we are after all dealing with the fiverr machine) I can see its a treasure trove for sure, I went straight to work employing overlooked tweeks  to my gigs, and await their effect.  I cannot express my gratitude enough, for the instant welcoming feeling, and the sense of community. I thought I might be too old to go back to school, but here I am lovin’ it, at Pica University!

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Ronnie Jack

The Make $20K course on Fiverr by Anthony has helped me start and grow my fiverr vo business. Anthony breaks down what you need to do in basic chunks of easily understood steps. It is a great help to start and grow.

This is the NEW and IMPROVED FIVERR course for Voice Over Artists!

What you'll get:

  • Over 10 videos to eliminate your headaches of getting started on Fiverr
  • Be able to finally make money monthly, weekly, and even daily
  • Never wonder how to get work.

Don't worry about getting voice over business from Fiverr ever again! 

This course will:

1. Save you years of trial and error on how to build a successful Fiverr business. 

2. Help you get voice over work daily.

3. Allow you to test out multiple voice over genres by opening up the world of clients Fiverr has to offer.

4. Take the guesswork out of getting orders on Fiverr. 

5. Put real money in your pocket! 


Can I continue to use the course even when I finish?

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, you can view the course anytime you want, for as long as you want. 

I am just starting out, is this course for me?

Absolutely, this course was designed to help the beginner, as well as the veteran, grow their Fiverr business, no matter what stage they are in. 

If I have questions about the course, can I ask?

Yes! We encourage it. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or message us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


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For over 50 years, I have struggled to discover what I wanted to do for a living. As a result of not have an answer, I worked unsatisfying jobs for years to simply pay the bills. But, recently I discovered voice over, which I could work from home and set my own hours. I scoured the internet, until I stumbled upon A VO’s Journey. And there, I found the course that could lead me into a new career: How to Make 20K on Fiverr in Voice Over. The course is incredibly detailed, going step-by-step in setting up your profile, with in-depth explanations and examples. This course will not only help you to get started making money on Fiverr, but establish a new career in Voice Over! Anthony makes it so easy to understand.

And, seeing the success of other students of A VO's Journey on Fiverr, I know that soon I will be supplementing my social security and enjoying a satisfying career!

Alan Wuertenberg

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