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A complete Guide for building your profile, navigating the site, finding the right jobs and how to write and send in proposals that win you work!

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In this online course you will learn


1. Filling out a Profile that gets you noticed, Step by Step

2. How to determine your Pay rate

3. See what the client sees when looking for the right Voice.

4. How to upload your complete portfolio.

5. Popular Projects Review

6. How to Find the RIGHT job

7. Submitting a Professional Proposal

This guide will lift the veil and let you in on some tips and tricks to get you noticed, rank higher and win more jobs!

What Others are Saying

"Just completed Angela's new Upwork Basics course. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth out of it (though the true proof in the pudding will be in the return on investment I hope to receive). She prompted me to rethink my image focus my attention more on where she (as an Upwork TRS) has seen it have the most impact, turned me on to some presentation tricks within the portfolio function that I didn't know were available, helped turn me on to a setting that I'd completely glossed over when setting things up, and dropped a little tip on me that I should have thought of on my own, but was never including in the proposals I sent out. That's a lot of value for the price and the amount of time invested. Up til now, I've only landed 2 jobs on Upwork...but I believe I'm better situated for success there than I've been previously. And at a time where I'm looking to pick up new opportunities like we all are, I'm pretty excited about the possibilities here."

- Chuck Brown

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About the Instructor

Angela is a member of A Vo's Journey Facebook Group, the Fiverr Elite, a Top Rated Seller on Fiverr and Upwork.  She has experienced extraordinary success in a short time. She has recently become a Full Time Voice Over Artist.

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Learn what tried and true techniques that has taken other Voice Over Artists months or years to master, right now. 

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