This course is led by Don and Donny Baarns showing you how to use Studio One from creating a file to editing and mastering your work. One of the best courses for Studio One I have seen in a long time. 

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How To Record Correctly On Studio One

Learn the interface, recording, and setting up your first template with the ability to create saved layouts.

Punch And Roll - Why It Is Important

Learn how to use tools on the platform like Punch and Roll and how it can help you speed up your work flow.

Post Production

Learn how to use Studio One to process your audio correctly, quickly, and easily the same time, everytime. 

A Great Course For Beginner Voice Actors

Studio One is software that is used to record audio. We can edit, master, and format the audio with Studio One. 

We call this platform and other platforms, Digital Audio Workstations, or DAW's. 

It is paramount that voice over artists learn all they can on using their DAW's so they can produce professional audio.

Also, this course is led by two amazing practionsers of Studio One, Don and Donny Baarns. 

Don Baarns has helped with the creation of many plugins including RX Standard's Mouth De-click, and with the continual growth of Studio One. 

This course will help the beginner learn how to record voice overs professionally on a great DAW. 

Studio One For Beginners

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