Your First Voice Over Set Up!

This course is designed to help you get set up with your first voice over booth, mic, interface, equipment, etc. I show you everything you need to do to get set up from scratch. 

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Your first microphone for voice over

Your First Microphone

I show you options for your first microphone and my recommendations on affordable but quality choices. 

Your first interface for voice over

Equipment and Behind The Scenes

I show you behind the scenes in my studio and all the equipment I use, down to the table and prower strip. 

Portable voice over studio

Whisperroom and Treatment

In this video, I show you my Whisperroom and the acoustical treatment I use that you can too. 

Find the right space to record voice over

Lessons You Receive In This Course:

  • Introduction to your first set up
  • 3 booth designs and how to set them up
  • Whisperroom and Acoustical Treatment
  • Equipment and Behind the Scenes
  • Get your first microphone and XLR cord
  • Get your first interface and mounts
  • Get your Kaotica Eyeball for your portable studio
  • Set up and recording 
  • Bonus: Transferring files from your interface

These lessons will help you get started right with an affordable budget. 

Your First Voice Over Set Up!

When I started in VO, I had no idea where to start with my equipment, set up, etc. I wish I had this course ... it would have taken off months of searching. 

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