1-On-1 Voice Over Coaching

This is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching from Anthony for your voice over business. Any questions you have about your voice over business, any can help you grow. 

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1-On-1 Attention

60 minutes of one-on-one direction by Anthony Pica based on your questions for voice acting, marketing, or processing your audio. 

Recorded Video

After we are done with our session, I will render the video and you will get the recording sent to you via email or Wetransfer.

Ask Any Voice Over Question

Bring any voice over question to our session, and I will help you with it, using my 20 years of acting and voice over experince

"I would HIGHLY recommend Anthony's instruction... whether individual coaching, his videos or his Elite group, of which I'm a member. The guy just never stops sharing his best stuff. Sometimes in terms of specifics, but often just in terms of hustle and attitude, he has kept me stirred up about being successful. About a year ago, I was making a little money, but nearing the end of my rope about really fighting to make it on Fiverr in any big way. His example has been extremely valuable."

  Chuck Brown

1-On-1 Voice Over Coaching

Let me help you grow your voice over business with 1-on-1 help with whatever you need to know. 

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