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The Complete Guide To Voice Acting

Learn how to be a successful voice actor from the comfort of your own home!

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about voice acting, from understanding the different types of voice overs to mastering the art of characterization.  

With this course, you will have everything you need to start performing as a professional voice actor. You’ll gain confidence and knowledge with each lesson, and soon be able to apply your new skills to real-life projects. Start today and see the amazing things that are possible for your future in voice acting!

What you'll get:

9 Different Voice Acting Lessons Includes

  • How To Warm Up Properly
  • Lesson 1: Reading Skills
  • Lesson 2: Tempo
  • Lesson 3: Top 10 Voice Over Genres
  • Lesson 4: Volume
  • Lesson 5: Energy
  • Lesson 6: Improvisation
  • Lesson 7: Physicality
  • Lesson 8: Making an Impression 

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