Healing with Voice Over

I will show you how to tap into a very large and lucrative niche of Voice Over: Meditations, affirmations, Sleep Stories and ASMR.  

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In this Course, you will Learn


   As Voice Actors, we help our clients with their B2B. We promote their products, we greet their customers, we voice their characters. What about them?

   What about helping our clients on a more personal level? What if our clients want to help others on a personal level? We can help them relax, fall asleep, disconnect from the day to day and reconnect with nature, to be mindful of their own well being. 

1. Learn What Healing with Voice Over Is, and how it helps.

2. Learn how to narrate Meditations, Affirmations, Sleep Stories and ASMR.

3. Learn where to find the digital assets and how to use them.

4. Learn how to edit, mix them with music and sound effects and convert them to beautiful videos. 

Tap into a Large Niche of Voice Over

I have experienced a great amount of success and satisfaction from this ever growing niche of the Voice Over Industry.  Helping my clients feel better about themselves and the world around them is so fulfilling. You can too, I'll show you what you need to know to thrive in this segment!

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