How To Set Up Your Recording Booth For Voice Over

Feb 06, 2019

How To Set Up Your Recording Booth For Voice Over


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Welcome to A VO's JOURNEY.

My name is Anthony Pica and this is episode two. I am so excited to be back. I want to start off just thanking everybody for all of the amazing words and all of the praise and just I don't pouring of uh, love and, and I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much. It means the world to me. Um, I've have to be honest with you guys. I literally have been thinking about doing this podcast all day while I was at work and everything.

So I'm, like I said yesterday, I'm a teacher and I had a good day at work, but I just literally been thinking about this all day, so I'm so excited to finally be here tonight doing the podcast and um, today we're going to dive right in to setting up a booth and how I set up my booth.


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