What's Coming To A VO's JOURNEY Facebook Group!

I am so thrilled what is coming up in A VO's JOURNEY. As you might have seen, there have been some major changes to the community.

I made an announcement that I have been waiting to make for 3 years ...


It is so incredible to think of the journey that has taken me to this point and the journey we have been on together.

Because of the monumental decision, it hit me that I should really stop and think about what was the main factor that got me to this point ... what was the one thing that I would tell someone if they asked?


The only answer I could honestly say is ... ACTING! 100%

Acting has been the cornerstone of what I have put all my eggs into. It wasn't the gear when I started out, in fact, all the gear I have now was purchased in the last 6 months based on my voice acting success.

It wasn't the marketing or fancy copy, or this and that.

Plain and simple, it was my skill in acting that led me here.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a great actor, but I have dedicated my whole adult life, including my college degree to acting. The craft is what I believe in.

But as I realized this and started to also look at all the coaching I have been doing, it hit me like a ton of bricks. All the people that I have coached really need acting training.

Please don't think that this means I think people aren't good actors ... but I have been a casting director, play/musical director, actor, producer, technical producer, and been around theatre for the last 20 years and I have learned quite a bit.

And the truth is ... Skill and Talent, combined with hard work and a great attitude, win every single time. It doesn't matter what your voice sounds like, it's what you do with it that matters (People think I am a woman when they talk to me on the phone, seriously)

All the other stuff like your DAW, your marketing, your business plan, your microphone, your studio, your profiles and resume can be improved, and that is important.

But without the ability to close the deal with your acting, none of it means diddly squat!

Your acting skill is the glue that binds everything together. It is the one thing that you cannot compromise on if you want to be successful in this business ...


So, because of this revelation, I have decided to switch the focus of "A VO's JOURNEY" to ...

"The Journeyman Actor".

Just as the progression of my career in VO has led me here, so the Facebook group needs to progress also.

And, in thinking how I can help others get to that next level, I have also decided to push myself beyond anything that I have undertaken and take on 10 students for an intense voice acting training course over the next month.

For 1 month, I will work with those students daily inside a private facebook group, as well as teach lessons that will all be available for replay to those students. Then, those students will get the course at the end of the month and also have access to the group for the next year. You will be able to ask me questions and will have homework and lessons to complete.

You will be pushed to work harder in voice over than you ever have before ... and those that go all in, those that truly want to make a life for themselves through voice over, will come out of the course on a completely higher level than anyone else around them.

This is more than a course, this is our lives!

Because of the intense nature of this course, I will be requiring all people interested in the course to audition, in order to be accepted. All auditions must be into me before 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 7th, of this week.

What you will need for your audition:

1. A Head Shot - I must be able to read the file jpeg, png, etc. (This can be professional or taken by you, but remember, the more professional you are, the more people will look at you as a professional)

2. Your voice acting resume. (I am not interested in what format you use, but I am looking for what work you have done so far, and any acting work, training, etc.)

3. A voice over audition (This needs to be an MP3 file of no longer than 2 minutes of your choosing and should show every bit of range as a voice actor you think you have. I do not want a demo or music. I just want you and the words. It's all about your acting.)

This is more real than anyone has ever taken it and I only want people that are ready to work!

Please send your auditions to me via email at [email protected] Make sure you move fast as I will take first comers, if the audition meets what I am looking for. 
Are you willing to take a chance on you?

I will do a live stream on Friday of this week and give the rest of the pertinent information. I will also send an email to you privately telling you whether or not you have made the list of acceptees and why.

This is what I have been waiting for ... to work with you on a level unprecedented in the industry right now. A level which will not only make you better, but will change your life.
Let's do this!




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