What Genre in Voice Over Should I Pick?

Feb 08, 2021


I had a question come in over the weekend and I thought that I would create a video and a blog post to answer it. That question is:


Hey Anthony,


How do I know what genre to get into for voice over?


Do you know what genre should I go after in voice over?


What types of voice overs should I go after?



So, I think this is a great question and I want to dive into it with you.


I remember when I started, I literally thought that l knew for a fact that I was going to be a video game character voice actor.


I wanted to do video games. That was my thing, so I literally started emailing Blizzard. I laugh now because it's funny thinking back.


But I actually emailed Blizzard’s contact support to get on the roster for their games.


I can only imagine whoever was in the support team saying, “who's this guy that keeps emailing me for voice overs?” But anyway, I knew for a fact I wanted to do video game characters.




That’s what I was doing. I also thought it'd be really cool to do audio books. The funny thing is I thought that I would never ever do commercials.


I’d listen to some commercial demos and I was like I’m never gonna do commercials. That’s just not me.


I’m not interested in commercials. I love audio books.


I want to do video games and maybe I could do e-learning but

I want to stick with those.


As time marched on, things changed.


I now do about 95% of my work as all commercials!


And I absolutely love it now. But when I first started out, I was totally on the opposite end.



I totally wrote it off, I never thought I could do what I was hearing other people do.  


The funny thing is I realized at one point through this journey of mine that I was selling myself short and thinking that people wouldn't want me for me.  


I thought, they wouldn't want to work with me the way I express myself or should I say the way express emotion.


I instead, thought they wanted to hear these fancy demos. When I say fancy demos, at the time to me, were the big commercial type and radio spot kind of demos.


Like those 8 p.m. at night tv commercial spots all that kind of stuff,

you know? I was like man that's just not me.  I just don't sound like that.


Now I do all sorts of commercials.


But it doesn't matter.


The reason why I bring this up to you is because the question that we're trying to talk about today is what do I get into?


How do I know which voice over genre I should be in?


I’m going to tell you that you should actually try everything. You

should try everything.


You should give everything a shot.


You give audio books a shot, give e-learning a shot, give video game characters a shot; give commercials a shot, give radio a shot, give videos a shot, give phone messaging a shot, whatever is out there give it a taste to try it out.


It doesn't hurt you and you might find that the market

really likes what you're doing in this genre over here and you never

realized or you never thought it was even possible.


But if you limit yourself and say oh, I’m never going to do that or oh, I'm not good at that or I shouldn't try that. You're going to end up like me emailing

Blizzard's customer support asking for voice over opportunities.


Thinking I’m never going to succeed in this business. So, don't be like me; okay?


Put yourself out there give it a shot. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes. The important thing is that you have to try.


So, if you're looking for what genre voice over to get into, my answer to that is give everything a try. See what the market likes you at. If you find that you're getting hired for this thing over here, but you really want to do this thing over there, that's fine do both.


Don't turn down the market where they want to pay you, where they like you.


It’s okay to follow your dream but also do the work over here and maybe

this work you'll enjoy some and it'll help you pay to follow your dream.


Because we might want to do something that takes a little bit more training. You know what I mean? Or it might take a little relationship building to get in.


But the idea here is that you try everything. Don't limit yourself, see what the market really likes you doing.  


What you're being hired for and use that to your advantage; even if it's not the end thing that you want to do.


The reality is that most of us have to do a variety of work in order to make a good income in this business so don't shy away from

doing work when it's being sent to you, okay?


Give it all a shot and then see what the market thinks of it.


I think it's important to put yourself out there, give it all a try, don't limit yourself.


Just keep putting stuff out there. Make samples, listen to other people's work; try to build your skill set in these different areas.


You never know where you'll end up in the end. Kind of like me, where I thought I would never do commercials; and now I end up doing pretty much everything.


I never thought it would happen. I started out doing all these audio books and now I don't really do audiobooks anymore.



It just happens that way, but you won't ever know if you don't try it all.


I hope this helps you put yourself out there. Have fun but try everything.


For more information on how to choose a voice over genre or how to get your voice over business off the ground, sign up for a 1 on 1 with me here: Coaching Session With Anthony 

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