The Non-Negotiables in a Modern VO Journey

Jun 09, 2020

3 Things you need to do daily in order to find success in your Voice Over Journey…

I’d think unless you are absolutely brand new to your VO Journey, then we’ve all been there, working away, honing our craft, thinking everything is ticking along well, only to hit a dry spell of no requests or custom orders and then there’s that sudden earth-shattering realization…  Oh Boy! I haven’t done a Facebook post all week! Or ‘Oops! I’ve forgotten to send out my buyer requests on Fiverr all week’ etc…

Whatever your marketing process, it’s not hard to forget a ‘major cog’ in the VO marketing machine and realize it all a little too late, and you have to start building your process again…

So, in order for this not to happen...

1. A transition is required and It’s one change I also certainly had to make and must admit, I need constant reminding to go back to basics and check my plans and goals and non-negotiables to ensure I’m constantly ‘on beam’ and doing what I can to remain top of mind and in the public eye… this is why you can’t leave this sort of thing to memory. It’s your career goals after all, so, you need to WRITE THESE DOWN...

This transition is to step away from the ‘spatter gun’ marketing approach and replace it with a planned, strategic process of doing more of what works and a whole lot less of what doesn’t

Before we explore what’s required:

What is a spatter gun approach?

Well, we’ve all thrown ‘marketing mud’ around in the fervent hope that something will stick, right?

And don’t get me wrong, some mud does stick if you’re lucky, in the right place at the right time, connect with just the right person, etc etc…. BUT, you’re leaving a lot to chance if you don’t have a plan in place, and your future is just too important to leave to chance…

What does ‘spatter gun’ look like?

Joining as many ‘pay to play’ websites as you can get your hands on, opening multiple profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok... and after a while of watching and waiting you realize that you’re not really getting any traction… 

Now that’s an approach without a solid plan which is generally ineffective, it can be costly to your career and your wallet and really is just a bit of a time-waster.

‘Success is hammered out on the Anvil of Consistency’ - Anon

If the above saying holds any truth, consistent, measured, habitual practices on a weekly and daily basis are the ‘non-negotiables’ that must occur again and again if you are to have effective levels of success that you can build upon, whilst on your VO Journey. 

Do you know how busy people seem to create their own luck? It’s just by being there, with the right mindset, available and in the mind’s eye of potential employers, because you’re ‘working the plan’ daily...

So, let’s talk about what’s important to ‘work the plan’ as a modern-day voiceover talent as we develop a better understanding of these three tips, which are:




I think you’ll agree that the above three as a voiceover talent:

Are absolutely paramount to your success.

As for the below three items, well, they are working addendums to the above tips and neither works without the others...



So, If one of your ‘non-negotiables’ is being found, then that means you need to be ‘working your plan’ each day to ensure that you are indeed ‘being found’ so, that would mean all your website profiles are complete, they have great profile photos, they also have every possible field filled out on the portal you’re working on: bio, demos, videos, experience, tones, styles, education, etc…

If this means you’ve got some work to do, that’s also great, because now, you’re aware of it! There’s no time like the present when it comes to self-marketing and promotion So, hop to it! Your potential employers are waiting...

For help on ‘being found’ CLICK HERE


Your next non-negotiable is providing a product that evolves with current trends and develops as you grow as a voice talent, which would also mean, your demos would be evolving too? Right? When did you last update your demos?

For help on developing a product that clients want, CLICK HERE


Last but not least... 

Have you ever had too much on, so you had to delay a reply to a potential client, only to find out that you missed out on the job because it had been given to the talent that replied earlier?

It happens to the best of us and given the ongoing pressures of the day today, it’s easy to let things slip from time to time, however, if you’ve set aside time for ‘follow up’ every day, all potential opportunities to audition or quote on a project should be covered. If your plan needs a little fine-tuning, there’s no better time...

For help on becoming a ‘follow up’ superstar, CLICK HERE

Finally, if you are completely lost and need help in setting up a working plan to grow your VO business CLICK HERE

To your ongoing voiceover success,

Anthony Pica


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