Planning vs Execution In Your Voice Over Business - There Is A Difference

Oct 22, 2020

Planning is important, but planning without execution is a waste of time! 

The difference - Planning is a set of directions, execution is driving with those directions.

Trying to take your voice over business somewhere without directions folly. We all know this. But the interesting part of the assumption is you are actively going somewhere. We tend to overlook that small detail in that saying. 

Most of us muster the courage of putting together a plan, but very few of us actually follow through and execute! 

"Planning is a mental activity. Execution is a physical one." 

When you find yourself questioning what to do next, or find yourself sitting still thinking of the path, or worse, fiddling around with the internet trying to get your "bearings", you are planning. 

But when you take action, you begin to control and predict the outcome of the desired result. THAT is execution.

Don't wait for the perfect plan to execute. If you are worried about what to execute on, simply take one step forward to finding, inquiring, auditioning, and booking work! 

If that was all you did, that would be plenty! 

Best of luck with your voice over business.




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