Can I Generate Income From My Voice-over Business At Home?

Jul 07, 2020

Voiceover: Can I REALLY leave my job and go full time?

(Can I really work from home and make money?)

It’s a thought that goes through the minds of all voice talents especially in the early days of our careers, and it can also be seen to ‘revisit’ our thoughts if a voice talent hasn’t established a robust business plan or if you lose momentum in your consistency or business generation habits and strategies...

A trip back in Voiceover History:

If we were to step back a little, we wouldn’t have to go too far back in time to where voice talents relied entirely upon their relationships with sound engineers, production studios, and their talent agents to provide auditions for voice over jobs and projects.

Agents and production studios were the ‘starmakers’, and without them and their support, you couldn’t possibly have a successful voiceover career.

In those days, the ‘select few’ were on the roster of advertising agencies and made good money from their craft.

The only other ‘way in’ was usually through either radio or theatre and the sorts of work on offer were mainly movie trailers, TV commercials, documentaries, film dubs, radio spots, and promotions...

Fast forward to today, and it seems that everyone with a microphone and a computer has either ‘had a go’ at voiceover or is just about to, or they’ve got an uncle or an aunt or a family member in voiceover… 

The traditional ways still exist:

There are still advertising agencies, voice rosters, and talent agents. Still, I think you’ll agree, they certainly have less and less of a ‘stranglehold’ on the voice industry these days, due to the establishment of online platforms, websites and freelancer sites that have made it possible to connect with the corporate business searching for a voice and a reasonable price...

Such is the landscape today that with a bit of talent, a computer an interface, and a microphone set up to the tune of as little as approximately one thousand dollars or less, you can be well on the way to set up a successful voiceover career.

Incredible to think about the power and privilege given to us by the laptop or personal computer as once upon a time, to set up a production studio used to cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and maintain. Most of us these days worked from home and started under a blanket with a $300 Dollar Microphone!

So, why would I have any idea or insights about the industry as it stands today? 

Simply because I’m passionate about the craft of voiceover.

I’ve done the hard yards, I’ve joined numerous online sites, worked till all hours of the morning setting up gigs and building profiles, coaching and teaching others and as a result, have ‘carved out’ a full-time voiceover and coaching career after working super hard to get where I am today.

The ‘one word’ that defines your career:

It all comes down to one word, distilled purely into one thought and your whole voiceover career and it’s success hinges on this one thing.  

So, what’s the one thing?

There’s plenty of words I could use but, the one word that brings clarity to this idea for me and should for you, is simply: Tenacity! 

Let’s take a look at the actual meaning of the word…

  • The quality of the fact of being very determined
  • The quality of the fact of being able to grip something firmly
  • The quality of the fact of continuing to exist; persistence

Specific actions of Tenacity;

Gripping something firmly: taking hold of a business plan and it’s strategies, and it’s habits and working them daily to achieve your desired outcome.

Being determined enough: to see a business plan through to its fruition, doing ‘what it takes’ to make it happen and importantly, making adjustments and tweaks to the program as required as you learn and develop and as opportunities and the landscape of the voiceover industry changes.

Having the persistence: to keep at it while things are slow, missing out on auditions, rejections that come your way etc…

Remember, the road to success is paved with hard work and good habits. Keep at your plan because consistency brings traffic to your sites...

If you need help with your ‘Tenacity’ plan CLICK HERE.

To wrap up:

Consistent application and discipline to follow a business plan is the way to success in voiceover, and If you do, it’ll set you apart from those that don’t have the same level of application. 

If you’d like further help with generating income with your voice… CLICK HERE 

To your continued voiceover success,

Anthony Pica


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